Football Silly Season 2016: The Summer Edition

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2016.

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  1. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Silly Season!

    Use this thread for all footie transfers, confirmed, rumors or just discussion.

    I'll start us off with a banger.

    Both Swedish Sportbladet, De Telegraaf and British The Mirror are linking Zlatan Ibrahimovic with Manchester United, The Mirror going so far as to say that he will be presented within 48 hours. There are stories circulating that he will not only be a player, but also assistant coach for Mourinho if/when Mourinho is revealed as the new manager of Man U.

    If true Zlatan is not only going to cuckold Rooney, but Gigs as well.

    The scenes if true.
  2. will burnley win the premier league
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  3. Not a silly season topic. Take that to the regular football thread. This is transfer rumors
  4. Cute thread tbh wish I watched 3rd world country sports
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  5. Arsenal close to getting Xhaka, and I'm hyped. If we can FINALLY bring Higuain in I might cry
  6. Instead you watch sweaty gay guys fake slap eachother. lel
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  7. Mats Hummels has made the switch to Bayern, and now Mkhitaryan is being rumored to join Chelsea this Summer, as well as Roma's Nainggolan.
  8. Hummels will not be popular back in Dortmund right now
  9. Swansea striker Eder, who joined French League 1 club Lille on loan in transfer has joined Lille full time as of July 1st.
    Swansea reports an "undisclosed fee"
  10. meh, Éder is shit.
  11. 6 goals in 13 games for Lille. Helped them get to the final of the French cup
  12. Swedish international keeper Robin Olsen, who has been on loan to Danish team FCK Copenhagen from his club Paok in Greece has just made the transfer to Copenhagen permanent. FCK has bought him loose from the Greeks and he has signed a 4 year deal with the Danish champions.

    Brilliant from my Swedish standpoint since Robin is heir apparent to the throne of first keeper in our international squad. And this should get him much more game time than he got in Greece, since he has been starting keeper for FCK since arriving on loan in January.
  13. 1 goal in 23 games for Portugal. 6 goals in 29 games this season.
  14. It is now official! Welcome, Jose!
  15. Watching all the hypocritical man U fans now is hilarious
  16. Man u have one shit looking kit. Listened to talksport last night and a fair number of Man U fans were not happy he is their new manger. Saying the overall style his teams play and his antics bothers them. I see it like this he is good for two seasons and then he goes to fuck every single time.

    Just because he has done it here in the pl does not mean he do it again, there are no guarantees in football as look at Leicester they were favs for to be relegated and won the damn thing. There has been so much upheaval at utd since Fergie left and sure fans just want a bit of stability with someone who is going to build the club for the future not just for a few seasons and up and leave or be sacked.
  17. Do you even know what a third world country is?
  18. He is Canadian they are not even a real country anyway:xanth:
  19. Keep your colonies in check
  20. There is an idea of a third world country, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real third world countries, only entities, something illusory, and though they can hide their level of poverty and you can shake the leaders hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you think your GDPs are probably comparable, they simply are not there.
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