Silva vs Weidman 2

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    Anyone else pretty hyped for this fight? I know it's not until the end of the year but I'm interested in how Silva reacts after losing his first fight in the UFC and whether he's really "back" as he says he is. Anderson keeping the clowning to a minimum could make a great striking exchange, Chris has shown he isn't afraid to stand and take the hits also he has wrestling and BJJ on his side. ​
    So yeah, could Chris repeat his performance from the last fight or will Anderson re-claim his throne?​
  2. I am not hyped at all. Silva will win, who cares.
  3. Weidman's striking is shit and Silva was stuffing his takedowns. Silva will not dick around and he will pick apart/knock out Weidman by the end of R2.
  4. Disagree Weidman was faking those takedowns to keep him guessing IMO, he was using Cain's style. Anderson is a dope striker but Chris isn't scared.
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  5. I missed this fight. Wow. Did Anderson get destroyed? That gif is awesome.
  6. You can always watch it you know where. :rock:
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  7. Yep g&p in the first clowned in the second and got laid. Watch it, shit only got to the second the poster curse is real.
  8. not at all lmao. He was picking Weidman apart and then taunting him. It was hilarious. He was faking like he was hurt right before that gif happened. He was too arrogant and it cost him .

    Weidman isn't shit

    Weidman was getting picked apart in the stand up lol. He isn't a good striker at all. Even the punch that KO'd Silva was sloppy and wouldn't do damage if Silva wasn't fucking around
  9. Appreciate the fast replies.

    Also, I can't remember his name, but did that beard guy with the AWESOME take-downs get his shot at Henderson yet? If so, how did that go? I haven't watched UFC since Nick or Nate lost (can't remember who lost last).

  10. I don't see how he was getting picked apart bar those leg kicks, dude ate shots better than most. I'll conced you know more about MMA but Chris looked good on the feet and better on the takedowns imo. Plus he knows he can KO Anderson which could help him, shame Hendricks won't finish GSP also.
  11. You talking Johny vs GSP big right hand and dope wrestler but he'll be point fuked.
  12. I honestly don't think he could ever KO Anderson in a million years if Silva were fighting 100% up to his abilities and not clowning around.
  13. That's it!

    Also, is GSP a contender for one of the GOAT's when the majority of his matches (or a lot of) are just wrestle-fuck matches? Maybe I've now turned this thread on its head, but if there was a rule for the amount of time you can lie on someone on the floor, he'd be pretty fucked right?

  14. He has good striking as well. I wouldn't say he'd be fucked by any stretch. And wrestlers are a reality... if you can't stuff a double leg you shouldn't be in MMA. GSP just plays the game. He treats it like sport and not a fight, which is smart. I don't dig the guy personally but you have to respect his greatness. He has outwrestled a handful of world class wrestlers like Hughes or Kos, I just hope Hendricks can stuff enough of his shots to stay off his back.

    He would be on anyone's top 5 GOAT list imo
  15. Henricks - my new favourite (outside of the Diaz's of course).

  16. I see him taking him down, look how Chael did and Chris >Chael. PS WATCHED Pride recently, damn there shit was dope espeically Fedor armbarring that black guy who had GP and Nick vs Gomi.

    Chris has heavy hands but Anderson is an elite striker so I agree and disagree.
  17. GSP is the GOAT, people see waw he doesn't finish but as you say he's smart.
  18. Chris > Chael?

    I'm fucking done here. You clearly dig weidman which is fine but this is just getting ridiculous. CHael would wrestle fuck Chris to pieces
  19. Silva is the unquestioned GOAT of MMA

    well, he and Fedor are top 2. I always have said Fedor but it is close

  20. Pillow hands and no BJJ against Chris? No way I'm sorry but Chael wouldn't last with Chris and I dig him.