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  1. Scrap the US title, and make it so when you win the IC title you can challenge for the WHC or WWE title at a certain PPV once a year (by cashing it in)? Yes, this is identical to the X-Division championship on TNA.

    Or you could keep the US title and treat it like the TV title there, the lowest of the low to generate a lower midcard. Either way, this would make the IC title much more prestigious and much more competitive.

    Imagine the potential storylines. Discuss.
  2. US title should be defended every week. would be cool for Ryback to have it.. it would give a meaning to his undefeated streak. It would be better than santinos reign

    not sure about the IC one. I guess it could work
  3. TL, DR and disagree just because you opened this thread. :boss1:
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  4. Translation; Too long can't read
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  6. It has a great potential though
  7. I disagree, they have MITB to get a title shot. Drop one briefcase then we'll talk.
  8. I should have included that MITB would be one briefcase. I was planning on dropping the MITB PPV and having the MITB match at WM return.
  9. I'm fine scrapping the US Title, but I don't like the idea about the IC Champ getting a title shot.
  10. I don't really see the point in a title you only want so you can challenge for a better title. Imo that would take away the prestige, not add to it, but maybe it's just me.

    Cody Rhodes actually wants the IC, not to springboard him to the main event, but because his character genuinely wants to be ICC. That's the way to go, the midcard titles simply need more complex storylines.
  11. I think the entire midcard is screwed up and the titles suffer from it. The IC title is a bit more prestigious than the US title because of Cody Rhodes and because he was on SD, really. Of course, nothing is worse than a comedy character holding the championship, and you can work so many different storylines with a title. When it's on Santino it simply seems like they don't care about it, they just want it out of their ways. If they're going to treat it that way, OK, retire the belt already and keep the IC (not too keen on that "win title get a shot at world title" idea, by the way) but I really think that the ideal solution would be for them to keep both titles and work better storylines. Just like Pedo said, for example, Ryback destroying everyone every week while keeping the title is already an upgrade, and Cody's reign was also really good. They can work well with the titles, they should.
  12. The title would mean more to the casuals, "Oh look, Cody just won the IC title which means he could be in the main event eventually, I now care about him". It can't get any less prestigious. You now have a reason for these show off generic heels to want this title, you also only get once chance a year to have that chance anyway so the rest is the normal IC scene. It just opens up more possibilities.
  13. I agree with others that that if the IC title gave you a shot for the WHC/WWE title then it would be de-valued. It would also mean that they couldn't use the IC title to test if guys are good enough to progress - they would have to give guys like Ezekial Jackson a title shot.

    I agree that the US title needs scrapped, it's totally worthless ever since Jack Swagger won it, there's literally no point in it's existance.

    What they could've done if they didn't totally kill the brand split, is have the IC title be a multi-brand thing. So every PPV a Raw wrestler will face a Smackdown wrestler and whichever brand has the title can have "bragging rights". They could have Fatal 4 ways etc and make it work.
  14. I say first off, TAKE THE DAMN TITLE FROM SANTINO, second I think they should just replace the US title for something else. Maybe the Light Heavyweight or TV titles since they have rules and are just more interesting then the US title. With the Light Heavyweight you can give light heavyweights a chance at the belt and make them actually look like something. The TV title you defend every week, give it in the hands of new talent that hasn't caught everyone's interest yet(example: Damien Sandow, Justin Gabriel, etc.) and they get more TV time. That way the lower midcards get a title that'll help them out instead of being a waste. And then the who titles setup could be like this: You become TV Champion to show off your skills. After a good month or few, lose the title. You're still to new to go after the World title(which I think there should only be one) but you still want to prove you're great, so you go after the IC champion. The IC champion will always get recognized because he has a belt. Anybody with a title always gets recognized by fans because they have one of the championships, plain and simple.

    After a feud with a couple of people and back and forth winning and losing the IC title a couple of times, stop going after that title and go after a world title. Kinda like Cody Rhodes, feud with Christian and try to get the IC title back, but you don't, and now you're getting a chance to win a match and go after the World title. Pretty much you're goal from now is to get the World title, unless you form a team with someone, but that's a different story. After I say about 6 or 7 years of winning and losing the world title, go after the IC title once more, just to put over new talent and to being prestige to the IC title, since having a former World Champion would make the title seem much more interesting. As for winning the IC title and getting a future World title shot like the X Division title in Impact Wrestling, no that shouldn't happen.
  15. What if they combined the Intercontinental Title and the US Title into something like the Television Title (doesn't really matter what the name is, just combine the titles). Then, they could have a tournament to crown the new champion. After that, the new champion is allowed to compete on both Smackdown and Raw, so this way they can further progress his character (like Ryback for example). The title can be defended every PPV/Raw or Smackdown after PPV (so there is time to build up a feud). This way, the title will have much more prestige because A) there is now only one title for mid-carders to go after B) it's defended twice a month (out of four possible times, I might add). This could help someone like Dolph Ziggler or Justin Gabriel, etc. get the push that they really need but have not gotten just yet. Also, let's say Ziggler has the new title that is combined. More people will be focused n one Ziggler than they would if there was both the US and Intercontinental titles around because there is now only one champion.

    If this all did happen, here are the people I'd say that should get the new title. A) Dolph Ziggler - can sell very well/has needed a push for a while now/good time to push his heel character with Vickie being his manager, he gains a lot of heat B) Kofi Kingston - has a lot of talent/high-flyer which entertains everyone/people like his character so why not give him a title and run with it? C) Ryback - like others mentioned, it would give his undefeated streak much more credibility D) Cody Rhodes - he has needed a push for a while now. There are definitely more than that who are worthy and deserving of carrying that title, but those are the ones who first came to mind and also, in my opinion, would get the title first. What do you guys think about this whole idea? ... Good or not, and any flaws to it? Feel free to speak your mind about this. :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. R'Albin, the PPV that they can cash in is once a year. It means we'd have one storyline per year with the IC championship which would be a main event type storyline where they can cash it in and try and get the big title. All the rest is using it as it already is, as a testing ground...
  17. Could make summerslam feel big again.
  18. I see. I've warmed to it slightly in that case. I guess it could work.
  19. Only problem I have with it is, what if someone like Khali gets the title right before Summerslam...
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