Sin "botch" Cara's injury update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Looked like it was his knee on TV. HHH, a guy who finished a match with a torn quad, supports a guy who won't even take a pin with a couple of broken fingers?
  2. Miz would finish a match with broken fingers. Don't you wish he was like Miz? Miz is awesome.
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  3. I wish Miz could break his face. That is all.
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  4. Here we go again, botch cara. Here we go again.
  5. I assumed it was a work, seeing how it unfolded.

    Broken fingers? What a fucking massive pussy. Dude is in the wrong industry, how was he ever over in Mexico?
  6. Weren't it his first tv match in time? I genuinely lolled when this happened. Not been harsh but every god damn time.
  7. I laughed because I thought it was a work. 1.) To mock Sin Cara and 2.) To play into ADR's ruthlessness
  8. I honestly thought he broke his face. The ref did look pretty pissed when ADR tried to hit him. Like break kayfabe pissed.
  9. Thats why I laughed ADR seemed legit pissed an i thought him going after him was for real.
  10. Cara: Alberto, I can't continue I broke a nail

    :adr: : :annoyed:
  11. Apparently his fingers where dislocated, also other reports say that the fingers were dislocated before the dive, in one of the earlier dives or when Del Rio kicked him over that hand (that statement being mainly based on the fact that ADR and Cara have heat on each other, Cara once pulling a gun on ADR in Mexico) and Cara used the "botch" to find a way out. Yeah it sounds super silly but hilarious.

  12. Jeez, ADR is a shady mofo
  13. Yeah, these guys aren't really best friends, but one way or another it was just such vintage Cara. I actually thought it was work for a minute, but yeah, seems like it's shoot anyway. Just funny how he's out of TV forever and gets hurt on the first match back. Wasn't a good idea to bring him in/not put him in damn FCW.
  14. was del rio legit pissed? this was probably my fav part of the show i don't blame him if he mas
  15. He keeps getting himself injured and he hasn't been getting a good reaction from the crowd when he does happen to wrestle. I would be surprised if he wasn't released soon.
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  16. At least we won't see him for a while
  17. He wrestled on SmackDown...
  18. A broken bone needs physical rehab... Well, nevermind, I should edit my post amd say I won't see him in a while.
  19. He's a pussy lol.

    I find it difficult to believe that a few dislocated fingers is actually more painful than the regular bumps and hits you take on the hard ring canvas on a nightly basis. In a business where people have wrestled through injuries that are much worse (and I'm not even thinking of the most extreme examples here), I can see why he's getting heat for this, especially with Cena wrestling just the night before through something that requires surgery and that almost got his match called off entirely.

    The only reason I can see for WWE not just cutting their losses with Cara at this point must be Triple H refusing to admit that a pet project of his was a total failure. And with Del Sol debuting soon enough, there literally won't be a purpose or a place for Sin Cara anymore in WWE (unless he just remains a jobber as he already is now.)
  20. What are you supposed to do with multiple broken fingers. Sin Cara is a lot of things, but i'm not going to rip him apart for not wrestling because he broke something. I'll say that he's injury prone, and an accident waiting to happen. I just can't rip on someone who broke bones and thought "hmm, maybe it's not a bright idea to compete with it on raw, to alberto del rio."
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