Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio verses? For Rey's last match at WrestleMania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CrazyJ Cena, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. Wouldn't it be just great if Rey and Sin Cara teamed up at Wrestle Mania against a strong team, against THE SHIELD? Rey's last match it should be? It would be the greatest of greatest matches.
  2. I think Rey would just get injured before WM
  3. Rey or Sin Cara would get injured by WrestleMania
  4. WWE Champ, WH Champ, CW Champ? Ha? People like you who think back, who don't look at the good. He'll return and trust me dude he'll shatter the shit out of the Universe.
  5. What's your deal with Rey?
  6. CrazyJ Cena is Rey. :pipebomb:
  7. Moar liek he'll shatter the shit out of his knees

    But in all seriousness, it would be cool to see Rey again, but he's getting old. Imo it would be better for him to leave, than to just ''LOLRETURN *2 weeks later* LOLINJURY'' again.
  8. WWE has Samuray del sol down in developmental so I wouldn't use Sin Cara as the "heir to Mysterio" either way. And Rey will just get injured again, as always. The moment you need stem cell treatment on your knees you should hang up the boots.
  9. no the match would be horrible, get off that bandwagon. Rey was great in WCW, over a decade ago, sin cara is garbage. Period. See it?

  10. Nah, Rey should wrestle only one more match to put over a new young high flyer at WM.
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  11. Rey is much better than Sin Cara. Rey. WWE may even put Sin Cara over Rey. Really, I wouldn't like to see that happening...
  12. It sucks that because his knees are sooo bad he's screwed out of a good retirement match. I was big Mysterio fan as a little kid and it will be sad to see him go. I can't even think of a really good last opponent for Rey. I mean, you could give him a match against Sin Cara as the passing of the torch but Sin Cara isn't a big enough star to be honest. I hope WWE doesn't screw it up.
  13. Samuray Del Sol fits the bill.
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