Sin Cara going through the bins lol

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Anyone notice when Damien was asking Sin Cara has he seen Cody and Sin Cara was going through the bins at the time lol that was so funny
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  2. Was it a bin?
  3. Great thread.
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  4. He couldn't speak English,he should be thrown accross the border.:zeb:
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  5. Yes I noticed it on Smackdown,It was funny as hell.
  6. I love how quality this thread is.
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  7. Not impressed. Sin Cara shouldn't be in WWE if we're honest.
  8. Did you REALLY need to make a thread just for this? ...
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  9. Yeah? It's a funny moment in her opinion and wanted to tell us it was.
  10. :pity:
  11. Rysenberg told us to be nice with her because she's still a member of this community, so if we don't like her threads we simple search for other threads...
  12. :facepalm: Okay, okay. Whatever. Just saying, this thread would be considered spam and deleted on other forums. There are plenty of threads in which this could be posted, like the rate SmackDown thread, etc. I guess the rules are different on this forum, I'm still a bit of a newbie. I don't even know who Rysenberg is. :downer:
  13. are we gonna fuck, or what.
  14. He's part of the staff. I don't like this threads either, but if we have some problem or something with a thread we can just report it and leave. This girl instead of giving her opinion in other threads like the "rate SD" or something like that she prefers to open a thread that will go off-topic because it's not made correctly. Maybe instead of that thread title she could ask what did we think about what happened on SmackDown, then she can add her opinion and what will be the thread about, that's why the OP exists at all...
  15. Don't see a problem with this thread. We all post threads about specific things about one segment we liked, this was hers.

    What was that Sandow said... "Stop wasting my time, you anemic pathetic little vermin"? :haha:
  16. I know we do, but we actually discuss about something. I posted that stupid Sabin thread, it was something similar as this one but the difference is that is was something "important" because he was the new champion and people would give their opinion. This thread could be much better if she posted a video of that segment just in case no body watched it.
  17. Searching through a bin? I never noticed that.
  18. Thread of the year.
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  19. I bet he was trying to find his contract back to Mexico
  20. yeah, immigrant.
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