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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Sucks that he gets squashed as soon as he returns.. :sad:
  2. Well, I wasn't too surprised. Plus, it wasn't that much of a squash, Del Rio attacked him during his entrance, what should be considered as an attack when he wasn't ready... this shouldn't cost him any credibility. And I'm pretty sure they didn't have this squash in mind until the third or fourth script, so it probably wasn't planned previously.
  3. Hopefully just a one time thing :yay:
  4. Yeah I was really disapointed.. Besides that armbar that "is better then any ordinary armbar", ADR is average in-ring.. For gods sake, Sin Cara was/is the best Lucha Libre in Mexico..
  5. I think they just wanted to promote Sin Cara and Del Rio due to the Hispanic crowd, and then they had to put them in the show but didn't really have any ideas.
  6. Vince is ADR's biggest fan boy and the IWC's only hope to stopping Sheamful - yeah - not happening.
  7. What's not happening?
  8. ADR beating Sheamus, noob.
  9. Oh. Yeah, that's not happening. It's burying time! :bury:

    I think a Sheamus smiley would do well for burying situations nowadays.
  10. Ever since Wrestlemania 27, my friends and I can't believe that as a legit finisher, especially something that could injure someone. Edge wouldn't tap and even wound up winning the match, and his arm isn't that much different from Sin Cara or Rey Mysterio, who are "put on the shelf with shoulder injuries"

    But still, why set up an injury angle and not go through with it? This was just a pointless burial then.
  11. Do it. :bury1 : for Sheamus lol.
  12. Useless burials are pretty common.

    I can do that and the Slater smiley you asked me last night. But I need pics.
  13. @[Leo C]
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  14. :bury1:
  15. :bury1:
  16. It's a shame that they had Sin Cara get attacked by ADR, as when Cara came out, I had a feeling we might see a good match, but it wasn't to be :emoji_slight_frown:.
  17. I wasn't really looking forward to a good match to be honest, it's still a TV match on Raw. They don't always get much time. If it did have time it would be really nice, but you never know.
  18. So is Sin Cara 'injured' or not?
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