Sin Cara returns at 06-01-2012

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, May 27, 2012.

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    SmackDown advertised his return.
    What do you guys think that will happen?
    A feud, some matches against jobbers, etc?

  2. Tbh He might get pushed to the ME of smackdown. Like rey was. Rey is coming back soon to SD aswell and needs to put over cara. :mj:
  3. I guess that'll be the planning, but who will be the heel in the story?
  4. I'm excited for his return, to tell the truth. Just because it's something different, probably, but anyway. I think his first match back will be against some jobber, but he should be put into feuds really soon, SD lacks faces. I hope that he's improved, but I don't think he'll be put in the ME... he can't speak English.
  5. Neither could Jeff Hardy. :burns:
  6. My avatar! :upset:

    Well, a guy who doesn't speak a lot could work, but if he's still botching the same way he was before, no, thanks.
  7. Jeff can speak English, can talk pretty good..
  8. They will have him vs hunico.......

    And a f$$k won't be given anywhere

  9. IK but Jeff doesn't speak a lot. He mostly speaks through his high flying abilities. :obama:
  10. If he comes back and botches his entrance, it'll be gold.
  11. I am a Triple H mark now. :bury:
  12. But did you have to steal my avatar? :downer:
  13. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." :pity: and u can steal my sig, IK u love nicki minaj ass
  14. Pretty sad to steal an avatar, enoug images on the web.

    But let's stay on-topic and fight it out through PM's.
  15. OK. I don't think Sin Cara has what it takes to main event at the moment.
  16. Okay, I see. But everybody had the same thought back in the day with Rey.. :laugh:
  17. Look, I just hope they don't fuck Cara up like they've managed to do with most of the mid carders like Kofi and Dolph and Swagger and miz.


  18. I know. The biggest block for me is that he can't speak English, but I think I don't want him in the main event because the midcard could use a good feud.
  19. Rey vs Sin ftw!
  20. That would be a great match.
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