Other Sin Cara signs with WWL

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. http://www.examiner.com/article/wwe-news-sin-cara-signs-with-world-wrestling-league-puerto-rico
    It seems as Mistico aka the original Sin Cara has signed a deal with WWL on Jan. 31st. He debut'd already as the Sin Cara character and teamed with his brother and got a win in his first match.

    What does this mean for the WWE though? Will they have to do away with the Sin Cara character now since he's using it in another promotion?

    Edit: Just actually noticed someone had this as their status actually and thought I'd tag them for being earlier than I was.
    Thx for also sharing @Forrest
  2. WWE will have their lawyers on it if they care about the character. If they don't they will move Hunico to another gimmick.
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    Word is Urive actually has proof he started/should own the character. His lawyers have been trying to deal with it since the like the 20th of last month.

    ^ Its all stated in this video, unfortunately for a lot of you if you don't speak Spanish you can't really catch the jist of what he's saying but basically they're discussing the two Sin Caras, one in WWL & one in WWE and the host is asking him why the character is still on the WWE show. Urive (Original Sin Cara) says he has no idea and that WWE had been doing that even after his suspension. He then goes on to talk about he has original proof that he is the sole owner of the character, this is a rough translation but from what it sounded like is that he has papers signed by the WWE that gave him the rights to the character even if he wasnt working for the company. That's pretty much the basics of it, I can't translate all of it because I'm not that proficient in it but approximately 20ish-30ish minutes of the video is on that topic.\

    Edit: Just realized he was saying also that he has nothing against ADR, the new Sin Cara or anyone in the WWE . Also he goes on to say when they signed him it was because of his style of Wrestlng style in Mexico and then they told him he had to limit his style and go a different route and that is something he never understood.

    Most of that video is a lot of chit chat, but those were the "main" thoughts thrown out there from Urive.

    Something tells me the WWE will end up buying the character from him if that's true.
    Then again who knows we'll have to just wait and see I suppose.
  4. I also know that Urive is full of shit. If he truly had those rights, then WWE wouldn't be using the character on TV. They aren't that stupid.
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    .. He's on TV because the character was slated to appear through the release of that WrestlemaniaScooby Doo shit in March that he was involved with.. You'll see within a month or two after that his character will be gone so like May.. There are strong talks that it is going in Urive's way.

    Lawyer meetings & negotions for this type of ordeal take longer than 10-12 days I can strongly assure you that, they might be talking about this for the next 2-4 months even longer if WWE cared to spend the money on retainer for it.
  6. God damn this sucks for Hunico, hopefully they just have him rock his other cara deal.
  7. Here come the lawyers.
  8. Lmao, wow.
  9. Pretty sure WWE owns the right to the Sin Cara character lol. Will be fun to see how this transpires.
  10. Was reading some random stuff about CM Punk when I saw a side note mentioning this, it actually looks like they are going to bury the Sin Cara character completely within 1-3 months after the release of the Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Movie to try and sell remaining merchandise.
  11. Now if only anyone who wasn't hispanic actually still cared about the Sin Cara character.
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