Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sackfist, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Do you think based off of last weeks Main Event show, which if you didn't see had Sin Cara beat Wade Barrett in his return to television. As Wade was not scheduled to appear at Extreme Rules, I thought that they may put on a filler intercontinental championship match between Wade and Sin Cara.

    However this was not the case. Do you think that Wade Barrett vs Sin Cara for the Intercontinental Championship is a possibility? We have had title matches on Main Event so do you think that we will have a intercontinental championship match between the two.

    I personally think that Wade hasn't done much with it, when he won it at the post Wrestlemania RAW show I thought possibly get some build behind it, but now I think that they might pass the belt on to Sin Cara who I am about 83% certain will do the exact same.
  2. The match was scrapped. They didn't tape it for main event. I don't see it in any spoiler I've seen.
  3. I know they had a match. Wade was supposed to defend the title against Cara on this week's main event but they scrapped the idea.

    They must have realized it would have been stupid to put a belt on someone that doesn't speak English.
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