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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Italianman3100!, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. Another thread about a wrestler I would like to talk SinCara. Right after Survivor Series, Sin Cara had two matches with Alberto Del Rio in which their second match was a great match imo. I was wondering on what do you think WWE is going to do with him. I do know that Hunico is working as Sin Cara.
  2. I still wouldn't consider a match with Rey Mysterio (that could end up being Mysterio's retirement match) at Wrestlemania XXX out of the question.

    He could also either get himself a partner (Mysterio after he breaks away from Big Show, that is if Mysterio manages to stay injury free for that long, which he won't) and add another good tag team to the ever-growing division and/or compete for the Intercontinental and United States Championships (more likely the latter) somewhere down the line.
  3. Cut him it's best for everyone.
  4. I'll fuckin' cutchu holmes
  5. Pinning Del Rio clean was bananas. They're strapping a rocket to that kid's ass.
  6. These luchadores have to slow down too much for the rest of the roster, and thats why they're always getting injured.. unless they get more guys that are as fast and as good, they wont amount to much, in my opinion..
  7. Tag team with Gabriel would be cool to watch them both fly. How it looks is he's gonna get pushed to upper midcard. Possible new US Champion??
  8. Hunico as Sin Cara>The real Sin Cara.
  9. I'd love for Rey's last match to be Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio because I'm a huge fan of the Masked Wrassler vs. Masked Wrassler matches. I remember when I liked Rey Mysterio just because he wore a mask. I was like 7.
  10. I think the Sin Cara that's been out there recently might be Hunico.. It would make sense, since he did a little Christmas Greeting and Mystico (Sin Cara) does not speak a lick of English.. I know they could have put someone for the greeting only, but I do think it might be Hunico under that Mask.. and the original Sin Cara will probably be released
  11. Might be... It's clear as fucking day its Hunico. His height, His build, His tattoo.
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  12. It's Hunico under the mask. First of all, look at his tattoo. Mystico didn't have his arm tattooed and as you stated, he doesn't speak Enlgish as well as Hunico does. In fact, I've only heard Sin Cara's voice twice and Hunico was portraying the character
  13. well it sux that Mystico couldn't cut it, but the slower style of WWE doesn't suit the 100mph style of most luchadores.. hope they give him another chance n who knows, maybe even release him with a totally new persona if they choose to let Hunico keep the Sin Cara character
  14. I hadn't seen that eagle Tattoo on Hunico before.. n I didn't see an arm tattoo on Sin Cara since his arms are covered up.. Good eye, though
  15. There you have his tattoo. You're welcome :sandow:

  16. HAHAHAHA!!!
  17. Rey Mysterio retiring, that would be the day lol
  18. He would retire to Sin Cara though, it'll be Rock/Cena, but with Luchadores.
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