Sin Cara

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by HeatherSays, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. So, this has been mentioned somewhere on this forum before, I forget where.. but I think the WWE made a mistake having the current Sin Cara keep the gimmick and change Hunico's. Hunico's gimmick is okay and all but I think Hunico does the moves of Sin Cara much smoother than the current Sin Cara ever does. Also, his current gimmick grounds him a bit more than I'd like. Also, I know he was injured..but the new entrance he has is pretty lame in comparison to his old IMO.
  2. Hunico has another plus compared to Mystico (guy who plays sin cara) in that Hunico was born in America and speaks English well which means he can communicate with his opponents better than Cara.
  3. Cara doesn't interest me much at all atm just switch off half the time for his matches they seem to be lacking and he botches a fair bit also.
  4. Hunico over Cara imo. Hunico has better in-ring work, speaks English, and has more persona than masked power ranger.
  5. LMAO masked power ranger
  6. Indeed, Hunico works better than Mistico in WWE's environment. I still think they should've put Sin Cara on FCW for a while.
  7. I mean, I am not sure there is much they can do to change it now, I just think they made a mistake. I don't really mind Hunico in his current gimmick though. Him and Camacho are an okay team and helping boost the tag team division (although I am not exactly crazy about Camacho yet).
  8. Hunico shoudl have his shot coming soon. They dont need a belt he just needs a good feud, and to get rid of the bicycle.
  9. Yes. That bicycle thing really is not my favourite. ><
  10. That's their transportation! If you don't like it, buy them a lowrider!
  11. I actually like Sin Cara, I always mark when he appears, him and Rey working together I think would work and bring the best out of Sin Cara, I think seeing two high flyers would be great too. Then again, I seem to be the only SC mark on here.
  12. I really liked him at first but then when the second one came in, he was so much cooler. XD
  13. So it isn't the same guy as before?
  14. there was this whole storyline thing.where there was 2 sin caras. the real sin cara and hunico in a mask.
  15. So is the real sin Cara today's sin Cara?
  16. they were both dressed in blue at first and then the fake sin cara (Hunico) changed to a black attire

    this was the last match they had together

    yes this is the real sin cara
  17. Has Sin Cara even lost a match besides MiTB this and last year?
  18. Yeah... some battle royal, against Christian and also against Del Rio I think.
  19. Okay, how about has he lost any singles or tag team matches?
  20. Singles match vs Christian and singles match against Del Rio. And those are just the ones I remember, I'm think he lost other matches as well. I see that my previous statement is ambiguous.
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