Sin cara's amazing career

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Farooq, Jul 3, 2014.

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  1. Such a glorious and amazing career :yay:
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  2. This is truly fantastic. Brought a tear to my eye. Bravo, Sin Cara. Bravo.
  3. Hands down, the single best WWE superstar to step foot in the ring. Move over Hulk Hogan, it's Cara-Mania!!!
  4. :damn: I had almost forgot about all this shit. That's a lot :sad1:
  5. I just naturally tuned out when Sin Cara was mentioned, so I never noticed how terribly all of his matches went lmao. Man, that is brutal.
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  6. Lol'd. What a goof.
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  7. I never thought he was that bad. Yeah, he botched, but not enough that it ever bothered me. Then again, I didn't even watch the majority of his matches in WWE anyway. If it wasn't on PPV, then I rarely ever saw him wrestle since most of the time, I skip most of the undercard matches that are shown on Raw or Smackdown.
  8. God, no wonder he's never won a title. Well I guess later this year i'll be saying bye to both Hunicara and Zack Ryder. Woo Woo Woo You Know It Bro!
  9. Lol @ Sandbag DZ.
  10. Ha that was fun to watch... Gen 1 is still missed.
  11. Glorious and amazing career, indeed. Just like 3MB's.
  12. 3MB was over (to a certain extent) and they were entertaining. Comparing 3MB to Sin Botch is like comparing an ant to a dog.
  13. lol you have a point there
  14. Ahh, good stuff. Reminds me of football when a big star from Brazil or Argentina comes to Europe for big money and flops.

    Oh wait, Sin Cara was great, he reminds me of Ronaldinho instead.
  15. Lack of communication seemed to have doomed his character from the start as the number of latino stars continues to dwindle.
    Who's going to call spots with a guy who can't even speak english?
    Rey was injured and Sin Cara was being pushed (Del Rio wouldn't be jobbing) which left only Ricardo Rodriguez (who wasn't wrestling talent at the pinnacle of Sin Cara's push) to do the job.
    Once Mistico left, HHH (who had been his biggest supporter) turned his attention to his NXT call ups

    It isn't too late at all. Getting people to care about his in-ring work is all it takes.