Sin Cara's Finisher?

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  1. What is Sin Cara's Finisher actually?
    And a lil off topic: Will there be a Draft still?
  2. I don't know the name of it unfortunately, I can't describe it either lol. Maybe someone else can help.

    As for the draft, the brand division is dead at the moment so there won't be a draft for ages.
  3. Draft: Highly unlikely. They are instead working a rotating major roster.

    Cara's finisher is a tilt-a-whirl headscissor into a single arm takedown, sometimes transitioned into a Fujiwara armbar.
  4. Search it @ Wiki. -.-


    Botch Galore Moonsault Side Slam
  5. Does that finisher have a name too?
    And weird that the brand division is gone...
    Whats the point of having two shows then :emoji_hushed:
  6. No point really. The only difference is two different GM's, lol.
  7. To showcase different parts of the roster and run more storylines.
  8. OK, my post was totally disregarded. :((
  10. Twirl-a-whirl Armbar, and Avalanche Flip Bottom.
  11. He misses his opponent by nearly a foot, and his opponent sells it for him, people still cheer.
  12. Isn't his finisher the Spanish fly, the one from the top rope.
  13. :lol1:

    The moonsault side slam? Rarely used. I think he normally uses La Mistica (tilt-a-whirl headscissors transitioned into a single arm takedown at Stop said) to finish matches.
  14. He botches the opponent so hard they get hurt for real, and they get knocked out and they can't get up.
  15. Sin Cara usually finishes with a 6-1-4.
    When he has the opponent on the ropes, he sweeps his feet out from under him and knocks him out. Hope that helps.

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