Sin Cara's WWE status

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. I'm glad they don't intend keeping Hunico under the Sin Cara mask, but who exactly could replace him? There's really no-one down in NXT who could replace him as no-one has that kindof look/build.
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  2. Samuray del Sol?
  3. I was thinking the same thing, but I don't think they'd bring him up before he goes through NXT.
  4. It will be Sin Cara (Kalisto) v Rey Mysterio at mania according to reports. Not interested in that tbh.
  5. I fucking hope not, he can Ashely speak English. Plus his mask >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  6. They should build up Sin Cara up as a heel. Dunno how'd that work though. That's one way I'd be interested in seeing him face Rey
  7. Well, if they get a guy who can talk and work to do it, it can go somewhere. Not sure who could do it though, honestly I'd be fine with Hunico doing it. Seeing as he pinned ADR they seem to be intent on doing something with the gimmick and I'm not sure they'd come up with good stuff for Hunico other than that.
  8. So Sin Cara cleanly defeats Del Rio on raw and next week not with the company. Weird.

    Or, the real sin cara did. Fuck i'm confused.
  9. Why do they feel the need to find someone to play Sin Cara? Its not like the character was ever over or won anything other than matches on SD with weird lighting against Heath Slater and Chavo.
  10. Wait, that was Hunico as Sin Cara on monday night. The huge tat should have given that away lol
  11. I didn't watch Raw, but yea, fairly easy to tell them apart. Hunico is quite a bit bigger unless I'm trippin
  12. Yeah, I didn't really pay attention. I just saw it was Sin Cara vs Rio, went and got a sammich, then when I returned Rio was losing cleanly to him. I laughed.
  13. Again I must ask though, where is the value in the Sin Cara gimmick at this point? Just let Hunico do his own thing, Sin Cara never accomplished shit in the way of kayfabe accomplishments or getting over to any degree.
  14. They don't want to get rid of the character because it apparently pulls a good amount of merchandise. Merchandising money trumps the fact that a character sucks to the McMahons.
  15. Guess he sold well in Europe so they don't want to axe the character. Probably why they gave him the clean win over Rio, because they are trying to see how much money a winning Cara makes.
  16. Just replica masks I'm assuming? I hate this company
  17. Seeing as Del Rio lost to Sin Cara, wonder what this means for Del Rio..? No more main event scene for the time being?
  18. It was Hunico behind the mask.
  19. Yup, I figured that out a couple of responses down from that one.
  20. Eh, I prefer Hunico as Sin Cara if they choose to keep the character. Personally I would have either left it to Hunico in the past or just axe the character completely, but I guess his masks sell a bit to well to get rid of him already.
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