Sin City Smackdown

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  1. Hey there guys here is Smackdown episode 660

    Sin City reviewed

    Tag Team division is coming back woohoo!! and WWE are listening to me yippee!!
  2. I don't really think it is back... they've not promoted it. It's just some random tag-team match.
  3. It'll take more then Epico and Primo vs the Usos to revive the tag team division. Good review over all again.
  4. But it's on it's way
  5. Not really :S.
  6. Well it went from no where, back on to both brands, so it is on it;s way
  7. It'll need several tag matches along the lines of Kane and Undertaker VS Cena and CM Punk or something like that.
  8. Yeah, But I loved the tag team division, I don't know if people watched it back in the 90's with some amazing tag teams, I always watched these matches, and feel WWE have let it slip. I agree with you RKO
  9. I'd rather have actual teams such as the KOW, Young Bucks and the briscoes rather then throwing main event talent together personally.
  10. I agree. but the division does need a big team, or promote a current team that they are doing with PeR atm
  11. Yeah, but you need Bulk to gain back the respect towards tag matches imo.
  12. What do you mean RKO by Bulk, bigger superstars as in Batista, Mark Henry?
  13. -No, I mean bigger matches that will draw in more attention, like say The brothers of Destruction VS Cena and Ryder for example. That would generate a lot more attention towards the tag team fan base.
  14. Oh, yeah I see what you mean, they missed a great event TLC, for a good old fashion triple threat TLC tag team match. Anyone remember them?
  15. Tabbles Ladders and Chairs I know of, but who are you talking about specifically for the main event?
  16. Yeah I remember those. Edge & Christians match :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Agree with RKO but it doesn't need to be those particular main eventers. Del Rio, Truth, Sheamus, all could be added to the tag-team division to give it some credibility again.
  17. Sheamus and Truth vs Miz and Barrett.. Win win.
  18. A good old TLC tag team match is awesome. I loved the one Jericho and Benoit had during there tag team title reign.
  19. Miz & Barrett should be in the ME.
  20. No, WWE had epic TLC matches that were not main event matches but often stole the show. Dudleys, Hardy's and Edge & Christian