Since I'm more open now, ask me things.

Discussion in 'Member AMA's' started by Jonny Nostradamus, Jun 30, 2017.

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  1. Heyo.

    I figured that since I decided to rename/re-brand myself, that I might as well do another one of these things.

    For those that haven't noticed, I am the user formally known as "Jet Starr", and I am now going by the name "Project Jonny" on basically everything.

    I've kept myself shrouded in mystery online for years, and now, I don't fully care and feel it's time for a change.

    With that being said, please, ask me anything.
  2. Is your name Jonny?
  3. Short for Jonathan, but I prefer everyone I know call me Jonny.
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  4. You don't want to go by Johnathan on this forum anyways, that name is tarnished with porn and pizza sauce here.
  5. I remember seeing that somewhere here. What the fuck is that about?
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  6. Call Dominos or just ask @Jonathan
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  7. I don't know if I want to...
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  8. What was the inspiration behind your old name?
  9. What is the ultimate goal of "Project Jonny"?
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  11. To just be me.
    And to advance my poetry (that I do outside of here)
  12. What's one thing you like and one thing you dislike about where you live?
  13. I love the beauty and authenticity of New York. However, I find it hard to cope with the new "culture" being brought in by the invasive gentrification currently going on.
  14. Will you ever hold the world heavywright championship?
  15. Maybe I already have.
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  16. @SupaHeeroh has:heavywight:
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