Since Rusev is being brought up

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. What do you think WWE should do with him, and who should he feud with?

    I wouldn't be opposed to him feuding with Sheamus, it would be something that would keep Sheamus out of the main event scene for a while and I think they could put on a couple of good, hard hitting matches together.
  2. I can bet this guy will be dancing with Brodus when Vince realises hes useless
  3. Rusev is useless? What in fuck are you watching? Then again, you think Paige is the future, so what I am to be surprised by.
  4. What they should do: Build him up slowly by feuding with guys like Kofi, Miz or Ziggler (the WWE's standard lower mid-card team to feed people).

    What they will do: Build him up a little too fast, watch him lose too many PPV matches or WWE World heavyweight title shots to be seen as credible and then make him Job to Cena relentlessly until he ends up lower down the card and finally in a dead-end tag team...see Ryback and Rybaxel for further details.
  5. Wow, you're consistently wrong about everything. Well done...
  6. I think he should feud with Christian, it's about time for Christian to leave anyway and he's a huge enough superstar to put Rusev over tremendously. I think Rusev could do some majorly convincing punishment to Christian that they could use to write him out of WWE.
  7. Both are heels.
  8. Rusev doesnt have to be anything. He can't speak english he doesn't know what the Authority or the superstars are saying, he should just brutally murk people. If only Lana wasn't there to translate the orders for him and just let him run rampid!
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  9. Doesn't make sense for two heels to battle each other over nothing.
  10. Like I said, Rusev doesn't have to be anything.. If Lana wasn't there he wouldn't be face or heel he would just be a foreign superstar that could run around like crazy and destroy everyone..
  11. That's still a heel tactic.
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    Have him first destroy jobbers and people in the undercard to get him over as a physical imposing threat to the other members on the roster. Guys like Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kignston... line them up and let Rusev tear through them one at a time. Maybe Lana issues challenges to anyone in the WWE locker room who has the courage to come out and face Rusev, and each time someone does, you end up with a different battered carcass lying on the mat every night. And then one night Mark Henry is the one who answers the challenge and it seems that Rusev has finally met his match but instead, Rusev ends up going over to really show everyone what a beast he is (going over Henry cleanly automatically makes anyone look like a bad ass, him being "The World's Strongest Man" and all.)

    I agree that having him be the one to put Christian out would be a good idea... that is, assuming he's actually leaving when his contract is up (that isn't official yet.) As for Christian being a heel, the last I checked, he was still officially a babyface. Showing a couple of heel tactics (as he did last night on Raw) doesn't automatically make one a heel. It just teases it if anything but he hasn't switched to the other side officially just yet.
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