Since there are only 3 days left...

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  1. ... What are you most looking forward to on Christmas?

    inb4 Jonofood says food.
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  2. Getting away from the holiday season i get realy depressed during the season
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  3. I look forward to seeing my family and spending time with both sides of the family between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Since I live far away from my family now, it's nice to have a chance to spend some time with them and catch up. The Christmas meals are pretty nice and a few nice gifts is pretty cool too.
  4. Usually I look forward to going up North to visit the majority of my family, but I wasn't able to do that this year. So, I guess I'm not really looking forward to anything besides Christmas breakfast.
  5. Family, Food and Fun. I like spending time with family, the food is brilliant and new stuff to have fun with.
  6. I am doing my Christmas stuff with my family today and work on Christmas day.

    Like Zach, I'll be glad when this shitty time of year has passed.
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  7. ugh so jealous. I've never 'called in sick' to the family X Mas gathering but I really want to today.
  8. Seeing relatives I barely every see, suppose it's nice to catch with them during the Christmas.

    Oh, and presents, but saying that makes me sound greedy haha :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. Catching up on sleep, and not going into work. Lazy day, get to see my family too. Prefer to be alone though.
  10. It's never really that different for me, all the family I see is the ones I see all the time, mainly because the rest of the family lives 100s of miles away, plus I don't have that much family anyway :lol1:

    And yes, Christmas dinner is the best thing. Do you sit with your cats around their bowl and purr with them while you all eat cat biscuits? Thought so.
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  11. It's my turn to cook with Grandma for most of the meal, and she is one hell of a cook. Looking forward to the food, and getting one day closer to my sister's wedding/my exit from WIsconsin. What i'm not looking forward to? NBA bs, IDGAF.
  12. Family, champagne, getting drunk and get presents for being a bad guy.
  13. Ah yes, christmas champagne also :obama:
  14. Not that special tbh, but you try to buy the best champagne possible this days... I'm not buying a French Dom Perignon, but will try to get a Korbel or some other champagne
  15. Korbel is a brandy bro.
  16. Not sure what they get but it's good
  17. I guess the Food, Presents and Doctor Who.....
    I see most relatives that live in wales almost every week....Only get to see the English side of my family three times a Year (and it's rarely at Christmas....)
  18. Also aren't you going to sink a few hundred for a decent bottle? Fuck that noise with a rusty screw driver plus champagne is absolutely horrible from my experience and I'll drink most things with a percentage.

    Cant say I'm too hyped for Christmas at all to be honest ? Presents cool but there's nothing I really want although the thought is greatly appreciated. Dinner should be decent as my dads doing it and I'll probably play some role as I love cooking up a roast. Family will be the same old people I see all the time. Its not that I hate Christmas its just nothing special this year for me.

    Oh shit what a hit by Barkley.
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  19. I wonder how many English people are hyped with the hope that he's the next big thing, confident that he will get England a trophy in the next 10 years...
  20. Uh...nothing.
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