Since there is a new....

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  1. The Miz (avoiding spoilers)
    I think this would be the perfect time for a Tyson Kidd push versus the heel Miz. They could definately put up some awesome matches if you ask me.
  2. Since there is a new IC Champion

    Ideally Miz would feud with Christian for a month then Ryder for 3, build Tyson up in the meantime then have him take the belt as Miz moves up into world title contention.
  3. Edited thread title.
  4. Sorry i thought that leaving out his name would be enough


    I really just wish Christian would retire. he's old and boring now. Ryder is feuding with sandow
  5. Christian is still one of the best ring workers they have and he is a master at giving young guys the rub.

    Ryder has also filed a challenge to Miz for the IC title.
  6. Oh I just saw that. Then i guess a feud is in line:serious:
  7. They could work a great feud. Miz and Ryder are both great and almost great on the mic respectively and are two of the better ring workers in WWE today. Both also know how to make a title seem important.
  8. I wouldn't mind waiting for a Tyson push if this feud goes on for a while. :lol1:
  9. Not a popular thing to say in the IWC :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Meh, i have my opinions
  11. I think Miz will feud with Christian, Ryder and then Kidd.
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