Since they're calling up good talents...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Let's post some dream feuds that we haven't seen in in WWE.

    For example:
    • Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose
    • Cena vs Dean Ambrose
    • Punk vs Rollins
    • Cena vs Bray Wyatt
    etc. What feuds do you really want to see?
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  2. Ambrose vs Ziggler
    Roman vs Cena
    Rollins vs Daniel
    Ohno vs Cesaro
    Adrian vs Rollins
  3. Kane vs Wyatt
    Ambrose vs Ziggler
    Graves vs Orton
    Rollins vs Punk
    Adrian vs Bourne
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  4. Ohno vs Bryan - These two have good chemistry and know each other well. They can play to each others strengths and weaknesses
    Ohno vs Orton - I want this to be a feud in the style of Wolfe vs Angle in TNA. With a "newcomer" coming in, introducing him to an established star but being blown off. Which results in the newcomer attacking him. Setting up a grudge feud. I think Ohno and Orton could work that kind of feud well.
    Graves vs Sandow - Matches will be okay but it would be a cool set up. Sandow is classical values and against all that is "new" and crude. Graves is anti-culture and Sandow's antithesis.

    Wyatt I am unsure off right now, he could work with so many depending on how you angle it so I cannot decide.
  5. Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn
    Daniel Bryan vs Antonio Cesaro
    Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins
    CM Punk vs Bray Wyatt - Promos will be gold for sure
    Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho
    Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt - Again great promos for sure
    Kassius Ohno vs Antonio Cesaro - The Kings of Competition!
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  6. So many with dean ambrose.
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  7. Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan
    Miz vs Seth Rollins
    Ryback vs Rock
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    Dean Ambrose VS Chris Jericho.
    Dean Ambrose VS Triple H.
    Dean Ambrose VS CM Punk.
  9. Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho
    Corey Graves vs John Cena would be kickass.
    Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt
    Adrian Neville vs Daniel Bryan
  10. Curtis Axel vs Roman Reigns
  11. Rollins vs DZ
  12. Ryder vs Adrian Neville
  13. You really want Ryder to be that embarrassed? Not to shit on Ryder but Neville does stuff in the ring Ryder can only dream about doing.
  14. Zayn vs Reigns
    Ohno vs Punk
  15. My friend told me to put it.

    Ryder vs Tyson Kidd
  16. Kinda the same situation to be honest. Zack has more of a character but put the two in the ring and Kidd is gonna make Ryder look like a joke.
  17. Since when does one worker being a better in ring wrestler mean he is going to make the other guy look like a joke? dafuq @ this logic
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  18. I approach it from an in ring standpoint. I'm a whore for ring work.

  19. I understood that part. I don't understand how one worker being great and the other less so means the lesser worker is going to 'get embarrassed'. In most cases the superior worker will carry the lesser talent to a better match than they would otherwise have. If one guy is working his style and a guy like Kidd or Neville does theres and it happens to includes some cool moves, it doesn't mean the Ryder of this hypothetical scenario is being embarrassed or made to look bad.
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  20. Depends on the match I guess. If the scenario is that both wrestlers are to get a lot of offence in and look even then what you say rings through. But if the feud is to be one sided/made to make one guy look the dominant one for lets say a push then I think the better worker if he is the guy being pushed will end up making the guy he is going over look like a chump just by motion (but that can of course also be because of the booking) and I guess that was how I subconsciously approached the hypothetical scenario of Ryder v Kidd, with Ryder as nothing but a jobber in a jobber program.
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