Since we are on the subject of Halloween...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Do any of you have any scary encounters with the "paranormal" that you wish to share? Feel free to use this thread to project your opinion on whether things like Ghosts, Spirits etc. exist, it could be a fun debate.
  2. I often hear some un-explainable voices somewhere. I really do.
  3. I once had sexual encounters with a female who was dressed as a ghost, does that count?
  4. I like reading about The Occult. Interesting stuff.
  5. One time i did magic mushrooms and talked to god.
  6. Lies
  7. Once upon a time, a bear attacked me in the woods, and it got to the point where I crapped myself and people thought it was a bear crap. In the end, nobody gave a shit.
  8. Well my dad and his brother have both seen ghosts in the house they lived in as kids.
    It's worth noting that that house now has people renting it from us, and they too have seen it, we didn't even tell them beforehand.

    I 100% believe in ghosts.
  9. My mum's house is built on top of a Saxon burial ground and loads of the people who live near her say they've seen stuff, but I can't recall seeing anything when I lived there.
  10. I secretly take off 5 respect points if I found out someone really believes in ghosts.
  11. My TV and radio have been known to turn themselves on without anyone near them.

    Also as a kid the night my grandad died I had a conversation with him in my bedroom at the end of my bed despite him being in hospital and passing away. And I'm although not a huge believer in the paranormal convinced in someway it was him coming to say goodbye to me as he passed on.
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  12. #arsed

    You're just in denial.
  13. I hear voices in my head they talk to me and I understand.

  14. Most of this thread is people suffering with Psychosis... :shock:

    That's an awesome post though Cloud.
  15. Mine was real. It was the best night of my life. :upset:
  16. :sad:
  17. They don't exist.
  18. Halloween over. Change banner.:bury:
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