WrestleMania Since we're getting The Rock Vs. John Cena Officially...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Feb 27, 2013.

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    How would you book the build up?

    I'm pretty sure The Rock won't be on RAW often until the middle or end of March because he's filming his new show.
    How can this build up top last year? Because last year's build up was over a year, not saying that it was a great build up, cause it kinda sucked.

    If you will, the current tagline of the match is, "Greatness Vs. Redemption".
    So in which was can they build up this match?

    We can have Cena come out here talking about Redemption from his loss last year at Wrestlemania and how he finally beat CM Punk for the big one last week on RAW. Then he'll just say how he'll will beat The Rock at this years Wrestlemania for all the fans he let down last year.

    They can also have Promo's between The Rock's previous opponents with John Cena. I personally don't want no Rap Battles, No Concerts, just serious promo wars.

    What about you guy's?
  2. It sounds insane, but turn Rocky heel. (They aren't turning Cena so there's no point in saying it)

    May as well shine a light on Rock never being there for the fans, and let him take the PG barriers (maybe even kayfabe) down and tear Cena apart. Give Cena and his lovers chance to legitimately hate him.
  3. Hollywood Rock babbbby
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  4. We're not getting heel Rock or heel Cena, it'll be the same as last year, except with "I beat you before John" "Yes Rock but I'll beat you this time", wrap this up with what Cena and Rock always say on the mic in every promo and we're done.
  5. I think it's too late for a heel turn for Rocky. :meh:
    They really need to make this a gimmick match.
    Make it No Disqualification, anything that will garner interest into it.

    I already decided on the Build up for Cena because he is the Underdog going into the match, but that's about it.
  6. that would be so awesome. It most likely won't happen, but this is best case.
    This is how it could be done.
  7. It won't be a gimmick match. Rock is confirmed for Extreme Rules and their rubber match will take place there in a No DQ match.

    I don't see what they could do to make the build much different. I don't agree at all with turning either of them heel. Just have serious promos about how the WWE Title has raised the stakes of their rematch. It was The Rock who had something to prove the first time, because Cena called him out and said he didn't have it still in him to win a big match at Wrestlemania but Rock stepped to him and proved him wrong. One year later, it's now Cena who has something to prove, because he lost to The Rock, who also defeated CM Punk for the WWE Title, something Cena couldn't do. Can Cena prove the critics wrong like Rock did last year? You have to appreciate the storytelling aspect of it, if nothing else.

    Sounds boring on the surface of it, but when you think about it, isn't this what most wrestling feuds over the world title are largely based around? Both guys tearing each other down and saying how they're the better man and they'll prove it by winning the eventual match for the title? There's no reason Cena/Rock can't have some great promo battles for a second year in a row. Austin/Rock at WM17 was a rematch, but their promo/sit down interview segment with JR is one of the best ever, and probably my personal favorite.
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  8. I'd build it up with a cena domination throughout. Setting up The Rock V Cena rubber match.
  9. Well I don't think we'd get many serious promo's considering both The Rock and John Cena are what i'd like to call, "Year 4 insulters". By that I mean they usually be pretty childish and don't really give me anything to cheer about. That being said I'd like to see them have a somewhat serious promo from each, that gains heat from the others fan's with Cena winning all his matches (as if he wouldn't anyway) and The Rock also winning matches (Though I doubt he'll be wrestling).
  10. I'd build it up by saying rock banged Cena's wife and is the reason why they got a divorce. Then have Cena come out and say "Rock, i am your father" in a Darth vader voice. Then we find out that Cena built a time machine, traveled back in time, beat Rocky Johnson in a match where the winner got the girl. Then have rock reveal that he is Cena's dad because the fifteen year old rock banged Cena's mom in the back of the hobo's stolen car. Then have Vince McMahon walk out and say "cause stone Cold said so!" And the world explodes.

    Or they could just do like they always do and have a boring rap versus guitar sing off with a bunch of boring "I'm better than you" promos. But my idea is better.

    ~Three Said That~
  11. I pray to god this happens.
  12. Since its like a month away now, I would like to see...
    The Rock maybe hitting Cena with some real life stuff. Maybe about his divorce, him cheating on his wife... All that mess. Let that build and build over the next few weeks....Then have Cena flipping the F out the week before WM. And then turning heel at WM.

    I know that wont happen but it would be great if it did. I thought Cena was going to embrace the hate... It came so close... If Kane had only pushed a little more! lol
  13. John Cena will do some nonsense screaming, win and then change the belt back to the spinner after he wins.

  14. So much shitty nonsensical garbage that I would never give a damn about, that's how I feel about this feud.
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