Since when was Mason Ryan a heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, May 6, 2012.

  1. Tonight I was a house show and It was a match between Dolp Ziggler and Cena, Dolph ziggler said he has hired Mason Ryan so he will make sure he will never get beat again.(Dolph still lost) I don't watch anything other than raw, rarely smackdown and never watch superstars and or Nxt. SO can someone tell when mason turned heel?

    Oh and and something interesting happened....R-Truth came out singing a song. and besides saying "the truth will set you free" it said "Its little Jimmy time". Is R-truth just using that for house shows? or what?
  2. Mason Ryan is still in WWE, who cares about him anyway?

    As for R-Truth, he says all kind of shit, I don't keep track. He's probably said it before though on SD/Raw.
  3. He turned heel at the house show you were at. WWE obviously thought no one knew or cared enough about him to care if they randomly turn him heel. But yeah, he was a face, he was just jobbing on superstars.

    Also, R-Truth (now in a tag-team with Kofi) apparently has a new rap song to enter with now he's in a tag-team and a tag-team champion. Yeah, I know. :facepalm1:
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