Single Greatest Wrestler of all time.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. No gimmick, no games. Who is the greatest and why? Undertaker > Stone Cold.

    His gimmick is timeless and his presence is unmatched. Even at his age he can compete 100x bigger and better than any other wrestler. Taker is the cornerstone of the WWE and has sacrificed a lot for the business. He has been competing at this level since he got into the WWE. Yeah, Stone Cold brought the Attitude Era and is the most popular wrestler but what the Undertaker has done goes beyond that. Undertaker is the true GOAT.

    1. Undertaker
    2. Stone Cold
    3. HBK?
  2. 1.HBK
    2. Undertaker
    3. Brett Hart
  3. 1.Bret Hart
    2.Curt Hennig
    3.Ric Flair
  4. CM Punk. No one else even comes close.

    Best in the world!
  5. You guys wanna say Why? Would make your posts more interesting. Instead of just saying HBK or Bret Hart.
  6. I've explained so many times, do I really have to again? Look at the Bret hart thread from this morning, my explanation is in there.
  7. Objectively, Hulk Hogan. Played one of the greatest faces and heels of all time, and had a huge impact in two different companies doing it. Who else can claim that? He was the face of the company when the WWF went mainstream for the first time. He helped establish Wrestlemania as a household name, helped establish Royal Rumble/Wrestlemania/Summerslam/Survivor Series as the big four PPVs (PPV providers would even tell Vince that they were only interested in carrying the PPV if Hogan was on the card), drew the highest rating for a wrestling program ever (the Hogan/Andre rematch in February '88, where Hogan was screwed out of the title, drew 33 million people to watch it on NBC), drew the largest North American wrestling crowd ever (93,173 at Wrestlemania 3.)

    He gave WCW their first ever profit, helped WCW have their biggest run ever, gave WCW their biggest PPV buyrate ever (Starrcade 1997, breaking his own record he'd set with Starrcade 1996), was involved in the two biggest WCW matches of the Monday Night Wars (Goldberg/Hogan, Sting/Hogan), etc. He can also claim to be the leader of one of the greatest (literally top 3) stables of all time, the NWO. Hell, the 90's boom period in wrestling all started when Hogan turned heel in '96. Even came back in 2002 and got cheered over The Rock in his prime and won the world title from Triple H, just one month after Triple H won it following a big Rumble victory after coming back from a quad injury.

    Nobody else's name in wrestling rings out as much as Hogan's does. That said, I'd rank them as such:

    Hulk Hogan has had the biggest impact overall, Undertaker has the greatest gimmick, Stone Cold and The Rock helped form the Attitude Era (and Rock is the most successful wrestler to ever cross into the mainstream by doing movies), Ric Flair has the greatest promo skills and Shawn Michaels is the greatest in-ring performer.
  8. I say Shawn Michaels. He is so entertaining in the ring, he's also great on the mic. He plays both roles, heel and face well, he also doesn't mind putting over young talent. Someone with so much talent who also puts over young guys like he does is a great package to have, HBK is just a GOAT.
  9. Just going to list my personal top three . . .

    III. Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit was at one point my second favorite wrestler, due to me starting wrestling back in 06, and he remained that for a good few years after. In particular, his match against William Regal at No Mercy was the match that elevated Benoit above the levels of the rest of the superstars. So much so that most of the time when I'd go back to watch an older match that happened before I started, I'd normally go with a Chris Benoit bout.

    When it comes down to it, I firmly believe that Chris Benoit is the greatest technical wrestler in the history of wrestling. A lot of people will list of Kurt Angle or Bret Hart but to me Chris Benoit has something that just pushes him over the edge. Technically wrestling isn't just about the offensive but it's also about the selling and when it comes to selling I just always felt Benoit was in a league of his own here. What eventually pushes Benoit back into third is his mic skills. Both my two and three I consider some of the best ever while with Benoit I'd at best consider him good. There are other reasons that will be revealed in the explanations for number two and one but I'll give it that for now. I'll leave off by saying my favorite match ever is between Benoit and my number two . . .

    II. Kurt Angle. Royal Rumble 2003 is my favorite match of all-time. It's just perfect. Kurt Angle also provides my third favorite match of all-time, probably my favorite Undertaker match, and plenty of other great matches I can watch over and over again. When it comes down to wrestling, Angle and Benoit are more or less equal, so what puts Angle over the top is his mic skills. Angle is downright hilarious when he wants to be, like his segments with The Rock, and cut several serious promos when needed to and those were still better than most of what Benoit cut. I don't know what else to really say, can't really go on to long talking about something unless I'm bitching about something.

    I. Shawn Michaels. I hate giving this answer because it's one of the most generic answers you can. That's why I don't like doing GOAT's objectively like Lockard did because in the end of the day you're really only left with one clear cut answer being Hulk Hogan. Yet, here I am, listing of Shawn Michaels as the greatest, who normally seems to be high on the list. It's like when I have to answer my favorite anime, I hate that question because my answer is always Cowboy Bebop, probably the most critical acclaim anime, hell a common saying is "I hate all anime except Cowboy Bebop". Their is nothing new to add, it tells nothing to distinctive about my taste, doesn't add anything new to the discussion, and thus isn't as thought provoking as an answer as I'd like to give or an answer adding some sense variety to the discussion. It could be so commonplace that it seems like a cop-out answer but at the end of the day both Cowboy Bebop and Shawn Michaels are definitely my favorites.

    To best explain why Shawn Michaels is my favorite, even though I don't have to, it's easiest just to look at his matches. His match with Angle at Mania is my third all-time favorite match; his HIAC with Taker is possibly my favorite Taker match and easily my favorite HIAC match (along with being in my top five favorite matches of all-time); his Raw match against Triple H is my favorite Raw match ever; his Raw match with John Cena is my second favorite Raw match and my second favorite Cena match; his ladder match with Chris Jericho is probably my favorite Jericho match, as well as my favorite ladder match (in terms of singles, at the very least - WrestleMania 2000 might beat it but otherwise it's good); and I could probably go on but I don't feel like it. As for promo wise, HBK is definitely one of the best in the prime example is his feud with JBL. When I read the premise of that feud, cause I didn't have my site to watch PPV's illegally back then, I thought it was going to suck. I was totally disinterested. Even though I haven't seen any of the PPV matches, that is one of my favorite feuds period. The promos in that feud were magnificent, and it really sold me in a feud I had zero interest in. Which is saying something since that rarely happens and I can't even think of another time it did. Also, I'm really pissed that Shawn never fought my current favorite Punk before retiring. Okay, I'm done!
  10. If we're talking about solely wrestling then I would have to pick HBK as the best wrestler of all time, he's just that good. A close second would probably be Eddie Guerrero, I was a big fan of his style.
  11. Chris Jericho.

    He can make dog shit look like a World Champion. He's one of the most creative minds the business has ever seen and has the ability to execute any storyline perfectly. Look at the HBK v Jericho fued. 90% of that came from Jericho and it goes down as one of the greatest fueds of all time.

    He's very underrated (Mainly because HHH/Burial Man doesn't like him).

    His books are like a manual on how to become the greatest.

    Heel or face, World Champion or losing to Evan Bourne...he's a master at the are of Pro Wrestling and is, in my opinion the greatest of all time.
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  13. 1- Undertaker
    2- HBK
    3- Hulk Hogan
  14. Here's your reminder. :rock:
  15. As much of a Miz mark as I am, I'm not putting him on here. But, I will do my top 5.

    5. Kurt Angle ~ The reason is simple, RR 2003. Every match against Benoit was amazing. HIs matches against Rock. awesome. His feud with Cena really helped put Cena over the top. I've seen this man wrestle some pretty mediocre opponents and still made them look good.
    4. Chris Benoit ~ Chris has been a fave of mine since his WCW days. This man is THE greatest techinical wrestler of all time. It's not Kurt, not Bret, not D Bry. It's Chris Benoit. From his matches with Eddie Guerrero in ECW to his last match with Marcus Cor Von in WWECW I cannot think of one bad this man has had.
    3. Triple H ~ Triple H is the man that made me a fan of the WWF when WCW was bought out. Triple H is my favorite heel of all time and I don't think I would have liked WWF if it wasn't for him. His feuds with Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels in 2002/3 are what really put him over the top for me. Even today, Triple H can still put on a great match.
    2. Shawn Michaels ~ It was really hard for me to decide whether or not I wanted Shawn at number 1 or 2. But I decided I wanted to put him second on my list. I think HBK is in at least half of the matches in my top 10 favorite. Triple H, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Batista, Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Undertaker. Every single one of those men's careers were either made better, or pusdhed to knew heights because of this man.
    1. Undertaker ~ Undertaker is Wrestling. The only man I know who's in his 3rd Generation of Wrestling and still looking good. (Besides Shawn, but he's retired so it don't count.) Undertaker is and always will be The Greatest thing to happen to Professional Wrestling.

    *Could have made the list* Bret Hart, Mr Perfect, Rock, Austin, Sting, RVD
  16. Benoit's last match was against Elijah Burke, not Cor Von. Punk was the one who fought Cor Von to qualify for the ECW title match at Night Of Champions.
  17. Thank's I couldn't remember if it was Burke or Cor Von. I'm pissed at myself now too, cause i liked Elijah Burke.
  18. :george:
  19. You asked for best WRESTLER !


    Pick one!

    The ask me for best performer... That's different
  20. 1- The Undertaker

    This guy is a great veteran. He is a great in ring competitor, great on mic and has unique charisma. His gimmick cant be done by most of the wrestlers and he is doing his gimmick in a great way. Evn n his age he is putting up great match, even once a year.

    2- Shawn Michaels

    Great competitor. He is unique. There won't be one more Shawn Michaels.

    3- Stone Cold Steve Austin

    This guy is the Attitude Era. The reason he is behind Shgawn and Taker is because of his in ring talent.
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