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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Oct 5, 2016.

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    I thought this would make for a good thread.

    If WWE were to have a Sister Abigail character come out and be a legit womens wrestler, how would you book her?

    I personally think this is a smart booking idea. I don't care if it came from a WhatCulture, this is a good way of making Bray become strong again, assuming they wanted to save his character and what better timing then to have it happen around the same time as HALLOWEEN!?
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  2. I wanted to add that I watched the whole video and no matter what people think of this Adam guy, he knows how to book characters in such a way as to make them and keep them relevant. If WWE writers thought more outside the box like this, I think people would see a great improvement in a lot of the feuds and story lines happening in the wwe. Seriously, watch the whole video and tell me this is not a good idea. I love the thought of a seemingly "stupid/ditsy" woman ending up being a super genius.
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  3. 1. Fuck what culture and fuck Blampied.

    2. The sister Abigail character is clearly stated as being DEAD. D E A D. The idea of how to book her as an active character is irrelevant.
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  4. Did you not watch the video? It is playing on Bray going crazy. There is not "real" Sister Abigail. Regardless, I still think it would be a good story line. I don't care what any of you guys think. It'd get my attention.
  5. Insinuating that the Bray Wyatt character is not already crazy.

    I have it as a principle to not watch what cultures videos. None of my internet money goes to that shit show
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  6. Well since you didn't watch it you won't understand what this idea does for both Bray and the other wrestlers involved. I never heard Adam say anything logical cause I normally don't watch anything he does but I watched this and it is a great idea to me. Not that WWE would do something like this, still you can't say everything they say/do is crap. I am sure a lot of it is but what Youtube channel doesn't have crap on it these days?
  7. His idea sounds like mad love if it were written in a wrestling context. Personally I don't want to see sister Abigail on WWE TV ever. I like her as the spiritual inspiration and occasional ex-machina for Wyatt know...the afterlife. But saying she can't be a thing on TV because she's dead is just stupid, Undertaker anyone? The idea that Bliss is just using Wyatt would be fun to see play out but overall I can't see it happening, at least not with Bliss.
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  8. The context of the idea is brilliant though. I know it likely will never happen but I just was mind blown when this guy, of all guys, walked me through a really well thought out story line.
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  9. *sees thread named this after watching said video* "Ok, I can assume there will be at least one reply hating on What Culture in this thread. Anyone want to bet me $5?"

    *sees this*

    Thanks for the easy $5!

    But honestly, at this point, they may have missed the boat on Sister Abigail. I'll admit, watching that video about the hypothetical storyline is creative, and if it would happen IRL, I may find it to be enjoyable and hopefully something to give Bray his heat back. At the same time, they had multiple chances and where they could have brought her in, or someone Bray to think of as "the new Sister Abigail" but I'm not sure if they can do it now.
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  10. Can't say I'd care to see the Sister Abigail character on WWE TV. Isn't it dead, anyway? It should probably stay that way.
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  11. Cow Chop!!

    WC is a blight, especially with WCPW. 'Look at how different our approach is when we try to book WWE, but we're the stars of our show baby!!' So so horrible.
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  12. Watched this myself earlier today and whether you like or hate Adam, it's a pretty cool concept what he came up with. Quite frankly, he's done several of these "how wwe should book" vids and in all fairness, most have been quite good. I don't necessarily agree with everything he has to say but got to give the guy some props for some well thought ideas...
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  13. Yup. Abigail was established as dead from day 1.
  14. Thing is most of them are ideas that have existed on various internet forums for years. Yet he is heralded as some creative genius.
  15. Thank you for at least watching in. I know most people don't like them and it isn't like I am some huge fan. Regardless what it is though the idea and concept is good. Has nothing to do with having some one play a dead character but having someone pretend to be a reincarnation of a dead leader. And yes, I agree with your other statement. They had plenty of chances to fix what the broke. Not saying this SHOULD happen but that the idea is pretty good.
  16. If this is true, who cares. The idea where ever it came from is still a cool concept. I understand you hate him and all of WhatCulture but this was more about what he said, not who he is. The story line itself. You keep saying the character is dead well no duh! If you watched the video you would know it has nothing to do with making another dead character wrestle. It is simply playing onto an occult dialect.
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  17. Okay...where to begin...

    1). I like WhatCulture's WWE coverage.

    2). I find all their videos interesting and educational...
    Especially coming back to wrestling after more than
    a decade away from it.

    Did you know I've never seen CM Punk wrestle a
    single match?

    3). I absolutely love this booking idea...mainly because
    I'm a big fan of both Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt.

    4). Alexa Bliss is not the "original" Sister Abigail...
    She is written/booked to be an "Avatar" of Sister Abigail.

    Everyone would know she isn't...but Bray would see her
    that way. A purpose...A Reason...A Safety Net...I mean
    it wouldn't be surprising he'd need that...when was the last
    time he had a win? Battleground?

    5). If your not a fan of Alexa Bliss...just about any other
    WWE female character could be substituted into the Abigail role.

    God...why do I think Paige would "look" the best for this
    story line?


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  18. Eva Marie should be sister abigal
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    Wow...that...that is an amazing idea.

    I mean I love Alexa Bliss...but wow...that would make
    so much sense.

    Bray could be "captivated" by her music suggests...
    Eva could dye her hair...I mean she already just died it black...
    She wouldn't have to wrestle...I mean you couldn't have Eva Marie
    actually beat Becky Lynch...useless you did the "Cut to Black, Opponent
    is Out " trick...but either way...she wouldn't have to wrestle...
    It would allow Eva to play a different type of Character...and I
    think we all know her main career goal is acting...hell she's working
    in a film right now

    And of course the main benefit of it would be Bray Wyatt could start
    winning matches and Eva could do more than avoid matches and
    get suspended.

    Although...I'd still like to see Alexa in the role more...
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  20. If the character was said to be not dead from the start,this would still feel like this is an odd idea for Bray's character. The only thing they could do with Sister Abigail is to maybe do like a flashback kind of segment where Bray sits in the woods or something and tells the story of how he lose Abigail.

    Besides that I can't think of anything to do with this. I just don't feel this idea of Adam's would work in WWE, could end up hurting Bray's character more than helping him. That's the last thing he needs right now.
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