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  1. The logo drives me insane :emoji_slight_smile:.. Can't we have something like below until the new one is made...I knocked this up quickly, I'm not a designer by any stretch of the imagination but the current logo is sooo big.
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  2. That's awesome. The current one is only temporary though, so there might already be a replacement one lined up.
  3. That one you made looks awesome. A little too small though..
  5. Tell me sizes and I'll readjust!
  6. bigger.png

  7. 759x116
  8. ish
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  9. That size is pretty good
  10. Gonna miss Xanth's awesome logo
  11. -.-
  12. Throat = stab
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  13. logo.png

    That's a transparent PNG, near enough to your sizes, a little taller.
  14. You'll have to adjust body css and nav bar as needs to fit snug to top of page and menu or will look a bit cut off.
  15. The Ralb will layeth the Smacketh down on your candy ass Xanth.
  16. Left align and remove padding from top and we are sorted!?
  17. You should add another wrestler on the right side
  18. CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  19. That'd look bad.
    It's good how it is.
  20. You read my mind:bitw:
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