Site offers Gronk $3.75 million to do adult movie

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 7, 2013.



    Such a beast
  2. $3.75 million? Shit, that's got to be the highest male porn salary of all time. Can he possibly say no?
  3. I can't see him passing it up, but if the Patriots let him do it I'd be shocked. Not sure how it would work in his contract? Obviously athletes have appeared in movies before, but this is a little different.
  4. If he wears a rubber, and its done during the off season, I don't think they can stop him. He's really not in any danger of hurting himself thus not affecting his contract with the Pats.
  5. I hope to God they can't. this would be epic
  6. This won't happen, though funny.
  7. 3.75 million makes you wonder what Paris Hilton pulled down if anything.
  8. Her panties!
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