Site should be much faster now

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Removed our advertisements, share buttons and replaced a ton of images to help increase our site speed. It's much faster my end at the moment, we can still do a lot more. I was surprised at how bad our site scored on a few speed-testing sites.
  2. I never even noticed tbh, but cool.
  3. Go away drunk face.
  4. Kim Jong wants us to get nukes. He told me last night on the bender
  5. Suppose it's okay if it helps the site, but don't you earn money from the ads? :lol1:
  6. A bit, not as much as many people seem to think. I was thinking of removing them for a while, it's one less upgrade feature but it should make the members/guests more happy.
  7. I suppose, just another thing idiots can complain about though..
  8. Seemed like it was already fast enough for me before.
  9. It was still relatively fast, it just was slower than I wanted it to be and was ranked poorly on speed-testing sites. Google basically had a go at me for it on my google webmaster account :emoji_slight_frown:.
  10. Was a girl watching you type that? :pity:

  11. I haven't noticed much of a difference, what was the difference on the speed test thingy Crayo.
  12. We were getting random spikes of 7-8 second load intervals at times. Even though you may see the site after the refresh, it doesn't necessarily mean it's fully loaded. But it was more around 2-3 seconds, but now it's like 1.2 and such. Which is great.
  13. Just another quick question. Do you believe this will help during the forums most active times? Such as Live Raw discussion and Live PPV's?
  14. Urm I'm not sure really. I won't pretend it will make a huge notable difference but I hope it helps a bit.

    Off-topic: I noticed no one got the page errors last week during the live discussion thread, that was weird.
  15. The Raw thread bugged for me a couple of times last week, I mentioned it in the thread, but didn't PM you.
  16. Oh, damn. If it happens next time -- even if only a couple of times -- can you PM me after the show? If it's constantly happening during the show then you can still PM me and I'll offer any help I can.

    I have a few plans to debug it.
  17. Okay, I will do Pal. I've tried the "50 posts a page" still happens. :cry:
  18. Faster? Good.
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