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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Solidus, Feb 18, 2015.

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    So a bunch of changes have been made recently, I will list them here.


    +WWE Forums is now using SSL/https, your connection is secure.

    +There is a new credit system.
    -- The old one had to be removed due to the developer potentially putting backdoors in his code. All of his addons were removed from, see here and here if interested. So everyone is back to $100. I know it's annoying but at least I can now make credits more valuable and useful.
    --- Along with the new credit system, there is a built-in shop. This will be much like the old store, offering extra features and username colors, and actually working properly.

    -Profile covers are removed. This addon was by the developer mentioned above.

    =Articles are back in thread form. Threads posted in the article section will earn lots more cash when I set that up. There's lots of new bbcodes to make these pretty too.

    +Chatbox is back, but not just for legends this time. Non-legend members can gain access by posting 10 times a day. Click "Chat" in the navigation or use the sidebar.

    =Bets now accept a maximum wager of $250, and only 1 wager per outcome. No more getting rich quick. See how credits are becoming more valuable now?

    =Mobile style is updated and looks really nice. New navigation style:

    Show Spoiler

    -Featured badges have been removed, keeping the post area as tidy/minimal as possible. I want to add this back though, just needs better styling.

    =The new homepage is the featured threads page, giving you a glance of popular topics/wrestling news when you load the site. (changed my mind)

    I'm working on new icons for the sections, featuring your own threads for forum cash, and shop items are on the way.

    Thanks! :woo1:
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  2. Nice. Keep up the good work, boss!
  3. Making credits more "valuable" is just a way of making buying credits viable to milk money from people, just sayin'.

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  4. I do find it funny that you criticised the updates ZTO, and then you remove your post and dislike mine because I criticised the updates.

    Fucking LOL
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  5. I don't need your money. It's there as an option if members want it. All the money earned here goes back into the site anyway. (except ads)
  6. Yeah I saw that zto, what has changed too much? More has been added rather than taken away.
    If you're annoyed at credits being reset, read the links. I did it to protect the site.
  7. If that was the case you could have just refunded the people who wanted it, and increased the amount you get from purchasing them from the shop.
  8. Most legends paid crayo, not me.
  9. I meant refunding the cash, not legend membership
  10. Alright then, some cool shit, I guess. Shame about the credits and the bets though
  11. What's wrong with the bets? I can change stuff if needed.
  12. There's not anything wrong with it, just not really a fan of the maximum wager
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  13. Why don't you just remove the maximum wager for now, and when someone actually has a large enough amount of money, like $10k or so, apply a limit of like $2.5k per bet (not event)?
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  14. I'd personally set the max limit at $1k-2.5k, would make it still somewhat hard to earn cash.. seeing that bets occur not too frequently I'd say $250 is definitely too low.
  15. I will raise it a little for non legends and double it for legends.
  16. Legends max bet is now $1000 and non-legends $500.
    I've also taken over development of compact live thread and updated it just now.
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  17. On mobile I find it a little annoying to use the sidebars or whatever to access the alerts, but essentially it went from one click to two so not that horrible.
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  18. It doesn't work at all for me. I click it and it like slides to the left or whatever but it just shows a black box, nothing ever loads, left it for 10 minutes, still nothing. @Solidus

    What happened to the old mobile theme, my favourite one? You brought it back for like 2 weeks now it's gone :sad:
  19. It's the same theme.
    You either click Menu or your avatar. I need OS/browser too.
  20. Oh, so why does it do this slide shit then? It was perfect before :sad:

    Android 4.0.4, rooted if that matters. Default Android browser, don't have space to download another browser :dawg:
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