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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. I never really make these here, I used to on my previous forums so I thought I'd give you an update as I tend to promise things but then people think I've forgotten.

    First one being the fave 5 plugin which I mentioned a while back. I've spoke to the developer, the plugin is made, I just had to save up the money to get it. I have it now and will be purchasing it and having it installed this week, likely just after MITB as I think that's the appropriate time to debut it.

    Second update/information thing I want to give you guys is I'm thinking of investing in a complex but awesome betting plugin. I'll hold up on the details but you'll be able to accept/reject the bets I put out on a page, then after the PPV a sidebar with the winners/losers will be revealed on the site index. A lot more too it then that but something like that would be freaking incredible, but I'm thinking it'll cost £XXX for a plugin of that magnitude, but I'll speak to a developer next week to get a quote and I'll start saving again. Perhaps if I win the bets it might not take long :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Thirdly, some of you may have noticed the white glowing Solidus in the same group as the former Anonymous. He's a fellow webmaster who owns gfxf who I've spoke to in the past. He's always offered help and he's a big TNA fan (has posted here before the dev role) and WWF fan. He'll be doing theme tweeks so don't go PM'ing him about plugins lol. He knows a lot more on style than me. Not only is he a better designer, he's a very experienced server Admin too and has offered us his dedicated server to host the site, which is awesome. That will probably happen some time this week, most likely after MITB too.

    Fourthly, I'll be implmenting the new username change idea that Big Hoss came up with soon, I haven't forgotten. No more limits but a few rules before changing. You can find more information here. Basically, 250 posts are needed after your previous username change request :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Lastly, I love you guys. :pity:

    inb4 TLDR.
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  2. Crayo, is it iBruteforce? :emoji_hushed:
  3. So Anon has gone, forever? :upset:
  4. Yeah.

    Haha, you think. I'm surprised no one has noticed yet but I won't spoil it.
  5. Noticed?... Explain.

    Hi Jay/iBruteforce/@[Solidus]

    Also, nice updates Crayo.
  6. He was last online 6-24 :yay:

    I still can't figure out what I have to notice?:sad:
  7. Not telling you, it's in someone's sig. That's all I'm saying.

    Anyway OT!
  8. Is Anon really Seabs?
  9. Is it a Moderator's sig?
  10. Nice. Great job on the long post, Cray-Cray..
  11. New server and Fave 5 after MITB? Awesome. Username and betting stuff seems cool as well but I don't think I'll use it that much.
  12. Fuck yes. :win:
  13. Hello to you too, Jonathan.
    If anyone has any ideas or knows of anything they don't like, do tell.
    Who likes the idea of a portal? Not the standard MyBB portal though.
  14. Wait we can't change are username anymore?
  15. 3 times a month you may change your name. That is until Crayo makes it to 250 posts when you may change your name.
  16. Until I make it so you need to make 250 posts between name changes. Read the thread people, lol.
  17. Cheers for the update Crayo always good to know whats going on regards the site.

    I'm sure many of us don't realise the time and effort and cost you put in but we do appreciate it boss and I'm sure I speak for everyone on here that this is a wicked site well ran and that we all love it.
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  18. :yay: I love you Cloud.
  19. Cheers boss!

  20. It's impossible to argue with this, such a great point. Both Admins are constantly looking for ways to improve the site which after some of the abuse they take, admittedly most of which is banter takes a strong character. I'd have probably have said fuck it by now lol.
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