WrestleMania Six-Man Tag Team Match Rumoured

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. I can see the logic behind it. Since we clearly aren't going to get a triple threat match out of the Shield at Mania, it's good place for The Ascension to debut and I'd like to see them add something to the division. I'm getting more than a little tired of the division at present and there really aren't any good tag teams on NXT for the Ascension to compete against at the moment.
  2. I guess I was giving them too much credit for how brilliant they were with the way they were slowly booking The Shield's breakup.

    But then again, I'm not buying this one until I actually see it play out on-screen. I know they don't like booking two triple threat matches on the same show but hopefully they can live with it this year, especially since the two matches can be spread far apart from one another. I know they've made it look like The Shield are back on the same page and that their issues with one another are in the past, but I'm assuming that's obviously just a red herring to throw people off and that something will still end up happening that causes The Shield to crumble for good (probably when they try to prove they can beat the Wyatts just as they did The Rhodes Brothers, but end up losing to them yet again.... especially if some type of miscommunication happens between the Shield during the match that causes the loss.)
  3. I've seen bits of The Ascension on NXT and I don't think they deserve a call-up to the main roster, let alone a big WrestleMania match. And Kane? No one wants to see him wrestle. I'd rather thtey go back to booking The Shield against 3 random babyfaces tbh.

    At this point, I'd put The Shield in the battle royal, which Reigns goes on to win, and do the split from there.
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  4. The Shield are too good to throw into a battle royal imo but that's definitely preferable to competing against Kane and The Ascension in a tag team match (I also like the idea of Reigns winning the trophy since it continues his streak in battle royals carrying over from setting a new record for eliminations for the Rumble earlier in the year... fitting winning a trophy of a man once known as "The King Of Battle Royals.") I know The Ascension are supposed to this big, hyped up tag team (at least going by the praise they receive from the IWC... I've never actually seen any of their work, personally) but the idea of The Shield fighting another six man tag team match is very meh to me after their feud with the Wyatts. The rivalry with the Wyatt Family was meant to be the culmination of their battles as a six man team and was intended as a passing of the torch from one dominant trio to another so that The Shield could break apart and go off onto their own separate paths. This rumored idea is pretty underwhelming to say the least.
  5. Is it just me that sees more potential in both Konnor and Viktor as singles guys? I mean, Viktor seems like he can play the sinister, conniving heel to perfection, while Konnor is a freaking beast. As a team? Meh.
  6. I'm not big on either of them alone or together.

    As for the Shield at Mania? Nobody is going to be satisfied with anything short of a breakup feud leading to a match. Come on WWE, stop dragging ass and do it already ffs.
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  7. What's going on with PWTalk? Nothing ever gets written over there lol
  8. :silva:

    I burn myself out quickly. I need to find a happier median. I'll get back to it starting with Raw next week.

    I did notice nobody else is writing outside of myself these days.
  9. I believe the 'E' is looking at investing into 'The Ascension' using some long term booking strategy. As you've said, there's no rush to break up the Shield. Once they do break up, they will all be money.
    If "The Ascension' are to make a great splash, this will be their opportune moment especially if they can't 'get themselves over'. If Kane is taking this as another pet project (like he did with Bryan) its a win/win.
    Maybe WWE feels 'The Ascension' could use this sort of boost given they are still kind of a project.

    For Brock - Night after Mania... For the Shield- Survivor Series... For Nexus - the RAW after NXT one ended. Every debut needs a great catalyst and maybe WWE thinks this is proper for this particular group
  10. I'm guessing that's the main goal here - get The Ascension over in a big way. I just think it's a huge step down after their feud with the Wyatts and after they were doing such a swell job of finally starting to break the three apart (the Shield Summit segment on Smackdown, for example.) To go from that and the anticipation of a Shield triple threat match to this is disappointing to say the least.
  11. Particularly, when you throw in your theory of never having the Shield lose in 6 man tags... that would create the mystique that drives professional wrestling
    It's an investment that beats the dogsh** reunions we've seen from DX and the NWO. Having the Shield breakup for personal reasons beats them jobbing out to teams with far less potential as unified teams
    Keeping them undefeated keeps them fresh in the viewers eyes so when they do unify (for a short nostalgic run) their mystique will remain intact (you can be sure Cole will mention it)

    It's a small sacrifice to keep them stainless in 6 man tags, similar to keeping the dead man undefeated at Mania. Shield (as a unit) >>> Wyatt's (or anybody else for that matter, as a unit)
  12. I honestly didn't think it was gonna be Kane & Ascension. I said after Smackdown that it might be SHIELD vs. Kane & Rowan & Harper just by how they rumored Ambrose vs. Langston and Reigns & Rollins vs. Rowan & Harper. I feel that this merges both of the opportunities. (Fuck off with that unification shit)
  13. When would this be, though?
  15. But why? That's so stupid.
  16. The Shield never losing as a six man team would have been an interesting idea, and it's one I actually made a thread about a year ago: http://wweforums.net/threads/the-shield-should-never-lose-as-a-group.23528/

    Obviously this would be impossible to do now since they've jobbed a handful of times already (to the Wyatts twice, Bryan/Orton/Kane, Christian/Usos) but it would have been cool to do at one time. As it is now, they've still won far more times than they've lost (against some star studded teams, too), so as long as they don't suddenly just start jobbing to anyone - like to Kane and The Ascension - they can still preserve a lot of their mystique for if and when they reunite for a short time later. The Wyatts should be the final loss for the group in any sort of tag team imo.
  17. While I disagree with your assessment of Kane and the Ascension, I do like the idea of them putting the three into the battle royal and having a similar play-out as they did in the Rumble, but with them getting to the last 3 to 6 guys in the fight.

    Although I'd shock everybody and have either Rollins or Ambrose win it rather than Reigns, just to further what they've been developing.

  18. this match looks #SAWFT!
    keep Ascension in the NXT until they find a couple solid tag teams to replace the MASSIVE void they will leave.
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