News Six Sided Ring is Back

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 24, 2014.

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    " Fans voted and the TNA Board of Directors listened! Beginning this week at our New York tapings, the 6-sided ring returns to IMPACT Wrestling!

    Last week, posted a poll for the fans to vote on their favorite TNA ring, 4-sides or 6-sides. We can now exclusively report that the TNA Board of Directors requested this information during a series of closed door meetings regarding the future of TNA Wrestling. Fans voted overwhelmingly for one of the options and this was presented to the Board during another private meeting today.

    Giving the fans a major voice in the decision, the TNA Board of Directors has just revealed to their decision to reintroduce the 6-sided ring! Effective immediately, the new 6-sided ring is set to debut at the upcoming IMPACT television taping on June 25th at New York City’s famed Manhattan Center.

    Witness the return of #6Sides this week during the #TNANYC IMPACT tapings! "

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  2. So, they're going back to their old logo/color scheme as well? Cool with me.
  3. jobber ring :pipebomb:
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  4. Don't know about that, I just posted this pic of six sided ring. Blue ropes might be staying, idk.
  5. Cool. Six-sided ring is something unique to TNA, this is always good.
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  6. Somebody might watch impact after 7 months... seriously guys, just adding 2 sides to the ring makes it cool
  7. I've always found the six-sided ring kinda odd, I guess that's what makes it unique.

    Looking forward to this, though and hopefully better times lie ahead for TNA.
  8. Think this will add a unique edge to people who come into wrestling in the coming years, will also (although temporary most probably) bring in more viewers because of the TNA marks who stopped watching it will flock back to see the 6 sides again.

    It will make X-Division matches cooler too. Besides from these factors, it won't do anything to significant for the company. It's still cool they've brought it back.
  9. Here's the photo of six sided ring being set up at the Manhattan Center in NYC, courtesy of WNS (as you can see all over the picture)


    The three day TV tapings start tonight. Advertised main event for today's taping is Bobby Lashley defending the World Heavyweight Title against Jeff Hardy.
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  10. So they're gonna tape one tonight, go live tomorrow and tape another one on Friday?
  11. thank goodness, idk why they took that away in the first place.
  12. Bad move when some of your top guys don't want it but good move if they can fix some of the problems associated with the old ring. As long as this one features good wrestling, I'm fine with it tbh.
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    the one tonight airs tommorow, thursday's next week and Friday's the following, or wasn't their one more for Pennsylvania?

    EDIT: Yeah guys, this week's show is from PA's tapings, July 3rd should be the first aired NYC show, so we have a week
  14. Oh, I see. Thanks.
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    no prob, its actually 2 weeks, July 3rd is taped in PA also

    EDIT: My bad again bro, there were 4 tapings in PA so July 10th is also 4-sided ring, we gotta wait till the 17th to see it but I got you guys on the spoilers.
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  16. July 17th is the date of airing of the first NYC show, guys (@Leo C ). It's being taped tonight. Great Muta to wrestle.
  17. Cool, Mutah sounds like a decent draw. Have today or tomorrow sold out too?
  18. Near to a sell out, I'm hearing. Overall, it'll be good business for TNA, imo.
  19. *TNA announced that the Great Muta will compete in a rare US singles match at tonight's taping.

    *Both Ezekiel Jackson and Gene Snitsky are backstage at Wednesday's taping. No word yet on whether they are just visiting or whether they will be used.

    * Dixie posted a photo of six sided ring

  20. Well, nice to know lots of people are turning up. See, when TNA promotes good towns and actually advertises their shows, they do good business! Amazing. Hopefully no Zeke nor Snitsky on the shows, curious to see how Mutah works a singles match though. Six-sided ring looks good with the new color scheme.
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