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  1. Last Monday's RAW (5/12), during Paige's match with Alicia Fox, a couple moments before she got the pin and won, you can see a guy with a sign in the crowd that read SKETCHY *****S 3/16

    What is all this about? lol
  2. #KickRacismOutOfWrestling
  3. I'm surprised they let that sign into the arena, haven't they confiscated them before?
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    Doesn't say that..
    It says Sketchy Wigger 316


    It's for a friend or something he said he was gonna do it the morning of.
  5. 90% chance it was Aids
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  6. Would have been funnier if it did say "sketchy *****s", lol. Random racism is amusing to me.
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  7. He probably took a sharpy marker in there and wrote it on the other side of a sign he brought in there.
  8. Look at my post above; it said 'Sketchy Wigger' it's the name of one of the dude's friends. He told his twitter followers he would post up the sign on the morning of the 12th.
  9. How did you find out about the details?
  10. Lol type in "Sketchy Wigger RAW Sign" on for one; you'll see a twitter profile for "Tyler Grosso" he was the person who held the sign, he has a tweet saying "will be sitting front and center of RAW tonight with a sign that says Sketchy Wigger" and it was posted the morning of 5/12 :emoji_slight_smile:. There you will see a couple tweets from a man name "Icewater Jone$ aka Sketchy Wigger".

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