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Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Ryan Reeves @Skip_Sheffield

    Tweet and delete. Still sitting in a chair at a table stairing at a damn ladder. Nexus shirt and armband mysteriously back on me.

    16 months have passed yet the last thing I remember is meathooking D Youngs face off. YENOAU was my creation Barrett answered to me.

    I put this in the raw section as I believe it could be a part of the familiar force returning on 2/1/11. Nexus to return possibly? Or a new incarnation led by Sheffield? Possibly a Jericho led nexus stable to get revenge on punk for leaving them high and dry. So many possibilities.
  2. God I'm loving this. That tweet has just maed me 100% Jericho to 75%. I'd love a new Nexus (not a flop one like the 2nd Nexus) but they NEED to be booked strong. The first Nexus was ruined as they refused to let them go over Cena clean.
  3. It's not Skip *Yawn*
  4. Would love a new Nexus with Skip and Jericho that is like the god made group :emoji_slight_smile: Hope it happens but I can not really see it happening.
  5. He's deleted the tweets again now =S he did it before also just as TLC started something to do with a ladder. It seems something big is going to happen soon.
  6. Deleting them is part of the work, my god he's persuading me. Argh.
  7. AAAAAAHHHH! I hate it when somethings are made to make you think... I will be waiting :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. tbh i hope it is skip he was my second favorite guy in the nexus ( i don't count bryan as he left after the first attack) but it would make this whole "its all part of a bigger picture" make sense maybe even the anoynomous GM could be revealed who knows it could even be that GM you know because he is coming back to take whats his *the GM spot* i don't know because of Skip i don't think its Jericho and yeah a Jericho return would be big but i think what ever is going on here may be bigger Wade answered to him see it's all confusing his goofy cowboy was just a cover i hope Skip is not trolling
  9. He ditched his cowboy gimmick when in Nexus, and he was basically second in command. I wouldn't mind the Anon GM, bigger picture etc all to be revealed in this storyline, I don't quite know how. I wouldn't say Skip has the look of someone that intelligent, but there's definitely more than one person in the video, so perhaps Skip + Steph. Steph was Anon GM, she's bringing Skip back to build Nexus around her so she can take control.

    Meh, far-fetched but it would be one hell of a storyline.
  10. ah see i know hmm does anyone watch CSR the guys on that said the girl might not be a person it could be a thing like how people say are she's a beauty talking about a car it's so smart it could be anyone and anything i think there are clues pointing to anyone maybe skip has realized everyone has it wrong and is hinting towards the right direction whilst at the same time confusing things even more
  11. Yeah I would rather see Skip back rather than Chris Jericho. Skip has more years wrestling left in him. With Jericho I think he would only get another year ofdecent wrestling. As for the RAW GM been Skip, that would be pretty awesome actually but the whole of the 'bigger picture' story died down before Wade got kicked out of the Nexus. Would that of meant the bigger picture was ended with Wade leaving?
  12. I'm kinda 50/50 on this. I liked Skip in the Nexus he portrayed aggression really well but a return this big could run him imo as in it's too much for him. Saying that Vince is apparently very high on skip and even sees him as a number 2 babyface. :gulp:

    For anyone whose interested. Hopefully Vince has had a change of heart now.
    * Vince McMahon views Skip Sheffield as a potential number two babyface, behind John Cena. He remains sidelined after suffering a compound fracture of his ankle in August. Expect a major push when he returns but as always, things can change. Sheffield has always reminded me and others within WWE as a young 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. He's definitely got mic skills as well.

    wrestlinginc dot com/wi/news/2011/0123/535770/

    Thats the only way the link would post apologies in advance.
  13. Skip isn't returning until February.
  14. If he comes as a number two 'babyface' behind John Cena it will be a bad move. He suits his role as a heel character.
  15. Don't see how a massive man with decent wrestling ability, mic skills and a killer aggressive facial expression can be seen as the #2 babyface. I'm guessing his plans are changed with the push Punk is getting. Sometimes I think Vince seriously knows nothing.
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