Skrillex @ Tomorrowland 2012 Live Full HD

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Say what you want, call him what you want, but this was a fucking good set.
  2. Call him what I want? Urm, crap.
  3. Dude gets the crowd going.. Good for the event, good for him, good for the crowd.

    Think big, dude. :smug:
  4. Dude puts up a good show, can't deny that.
  5. He's one of those who a victim of his success, just cos he blew up people are all like "zomg he suks bare dick" but if he was unknown the same people would be polishing his helmet. Overrated to his success yes, but he's not that bad as a dubstep artist... plus people have a good time at his gigs which it's all about.
  6. Like this one was good, crowd was pumpin'.

    Well said, Seabs.
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