Skype Raw, SmackDown, Impact and PPVs discussion?

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  1. Ever thought of making a skype live discussion and making it as a regular show on youtube? I think that can be pretty cool...
  2. Will be too much as there already is a discussion thread on the forum.
  3. What Jose said
  4. You didn't quite understood me, did you?

    I meant that it will be like a live on mic review of the whole week in the wrestling world. We choose several topics, and record a live show on skype. We can review everything of the past week and than put it on YouTube. That will get more exposure to the forum...
  5. I'd love to have a weekly show reviewing the WWE shows (and TNA if people want). It's just about time-zones and such.
  6. Well, we can work by time and see whose available for a show and have as much available to the show and record a show...
  7. There are radio sites like blogtalkradio that make it easier to have shows than recording on a mic from skype and recording for youtube. If that's something you want to do you can have a weekly show on blogtalkradio and allow some wrestling fans to call in.
  8. I would translate Ricardo , Alberto , Rey , Rosa etc talking in spanish LOL


    And English. Some people may be from England ,USA etc but there are some users that would find hard to make a review about a show.
  9. Then make that your OP, dude..

  10. @Crayo what happened to your idea?
  11. If some of this stuff gets approved I'd be happy to help.
  12. Review show on WWE Starring : X Members
    Review show on TNA Starring: Testify, Aids and Others
    Rant Mode Starring: Dolph'sZiggler
  13. I'd be willing to discuss some WWE, NXT and some independents.
  14. ^ Find someone to discuss it with you.
  15. Podcasts. Solves all time zone problems. Count me in.
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