Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Anyone a fan? I'm absolutely obsessed with this game. It's so addicting that it sickens me.

    For those of you who play, my two characters:

    Female Nord
    Level 38
    Light Armor (Ancient Falmer Armor)
    One Handed (Sword or Dagger)
    100 Sneak

    Male Redguard
    Level 5 (just started it last night)
    Heavy Armor
    One Handed
  2. Never played it, was never a fan of the previous Elder Scrolls games.
  3. I've got the game, but I never play it for some reason, It just sits there gathering dust, I have a Lvl 18 Nord. Who accidently became a Vampire. Now I don't know how to regain my humanity so I stopped playing. :Cry:
  4. Wait you can be a vampire? That sounds cool as fuck, anyway I have it just not played a great deal.
  5. And a werewolf. :emoji_grin:


    this can be you
  6. I have it, but never play it, I prefer Oblivion way more tbh.
  7. Note to self, start to play this shit.
  8. How do I change back, I want to be human and have wife. :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. Find Falion in Morthal, he will save you
  10. Thank-you. :yay:
  11. I have a new one and a used one in store
  12. Game is beast. Easy way to lose a few hours time wandering around dominating lives. Havent gotten the vamp DLC yet but when i finish the main story and almost everything else, it's on.
  13. Think I'm going to start a new save later on tonight, haven't played this game in a while.
  14. A friend let me borrow it, and I had considered buying it, but..... well, I couldn't figure out how to make it work on my standard TV (long story). So I never got it. I enjoyed it the little time I played it though, just couldn't do much since important parts of the screen were chopped off.

    (Side note, slightly off topic: I do love Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It was what I had gotten into playing before I went through my most recent period of not playing at all.)
  15. Never played Elder Scrolls series before. Only played Skyrim so far because of the hype. Amazing game especially the graphics.

    I got couple of different characters. Best one is Orc lvl 83 with Daedric armor and sword. :boss1:

    I didn't get that Vampire DLC though. Looks cool but meh.
  16. Orc Lvl 83. You sound like a boss my friend.

    It seem's like some of us are the same. Because I never played the original elder scrolls Oblivion by brother was hooked put I thought it was crap. I bought this and I was hooked on it. I'm replaying it tonight.
  17. Only getting because its supposed to be 20-40 hours.
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