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  2. I always enjoy reading or hearing his interviews -- well-spoken and typically honest in areas where others might not be so honest. Still, while it's something many of us already know from things he has said before, that last paragraph still makes me a bit sad.
  3. I love his desire to constantly improve, in a business where it's easy to rest on your laurels like Hogan, Cena, Rock and countless others seem to have it's a great touch.
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  4. Interesting read. Punk is a real workhorse, and I can understand why he wants to keep pushing himself. It's great, to have the desire to want to be the main event at Wrestlemania, to truly be the main event and have the last match will mean that you're one of the best. I'm impressed that he wants more, especially after that long reign he had. That's what every wrestler should be like, not satisfied by one goal, and not slowing down because you achieved one until you get them all. Hopefully he's more careful though, since I have been noticing that he has been getting hurt a lot more recently, which is probally the result of pushing himself to hard. I hope he takes care of himself, I think that he does deserve a Wrestlemania main event spot in the future. He's a hard worker and he puts on entertaining matches and promos.
  5. Thanks for posting this, his hard working attitude is why I love him. He doesn't just settle for where the company has thrown him like so many have, he want's better.
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  6. Him and Undertaker should have easily had ME of WM. It was probably the best match of the night. I also love his never quit attitude, only wanting to be the best of the best!:yes:
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