Slammiversary 2013 takes place in Boston, MA

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  1. They posted this in their twitter account. I think it's great, they're coming to my hometown.

  2. Love the video. OMG I can't believe this is happening in my hometown, I'm so glad
  3. How old are you, will you able to make to the show?:obama:
  4. I'm 25. But it's something I couldn't even imagine it would happen
  5. Go if you can. Find a way.

    Slammiversary is always great.
  6. I'm purchasing my tickets right now
  7. That's awesome you'll be at Slammy.
  8. Really?:dawg:

    Tickets already on sale? That's great jack!
  9. Here is Dixie's announcement:

  10. Yes they are. I entered the TNA online shop and then I saw platinum packages and things like that and then I bought one of the packages
  11. That packages cost a lot :damn:
  12. I know, but it's something you've got to pay if you wanna go. Also say Wrestlemania is even more expensive
  13. True that. But damn, it is worth it. I read what you get for it - :obama:.
  14. Yeah, you pay almost the double amount of money just to take a good seat to watch WM
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