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  1. In response to the recent events with the undertaker shocking the world and costing Brock the title, what do you think will happen now?

    Brock has yet to be pinned or tap out since he beat taker. He's essentially been unbeatable.

    Do you all feel that Brock will be beaten by taker at summerslam? I mean it seems like that's what's going to happen so far. Taker coming back around a time of year when he normally isn't around is rare enough as it is. I just don't see him coming back to lose. It'll make him look worse at mania 32 as well.

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  2. Taker might well go over Brock, but either way it's hard for me to care- this is almost eighteen months after the first match, little too late for my liking.
  3. Yeah I think if he was going to fight him again should've been at summerslam the same year... But maybe they wanted to build Brock up in order for taker to bring him down?

    Let Brock reign and be dominant and then have the phenom get sick of it and stop him.
  4. I fear they might have the Undertaker go over at Summerslam, and then do a rubber match between them at Wrestlemania 32 where Lesnar goes over for the final time to send The Deadman riding off into the sunset for good. Wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of show of respect between them afterwards as well, two warriors who have taken each other to hell and back through their hellaicious battles with one another and have nothing left but reverence for the other once it's said and done.

    But fuck all that. Hopefully Lesnar goes over Undertaker again at Summerslam and continues to be the seemingly unstoppable Beast that he's been for the past year and a half. Having Undertaker be the first man to pin Brock Lesnar after Lesnar ended his Streak last year would just feel like the colossal waste, and yes, I know Brock would still have all the credibility in the world afterwards, but still. That first loss post-Streak is the one that's gonna feel the most important and I don't want it to go to the very guy whose monumental loss is what kick-started Lesnar's most recent reign of dominance in the first place.
  5. I agree with everything you said but there's no way in hell taker is losing at mania 32, in Texas, not happening. Idc who he faces, and hopefully it's john cena, but he won't lose that match.

    I really really do not want Brock to lose at summerlslam. Such a waste that could be used on a great upcoming talent or almost anyone else. Brock won't lose credibility like you said, but that first loss will be huge. And to have taker get it is stupid.
  6. Brock jobbing to an old part timer is a bad move.
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  7. Yup, Taker's back to slay the beast and make up for his loss at WM 30. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the idea, but if it's entertaining, what the hell then.

    I'm just hoping the match at SummerSlam will be better than their previous bout at Mania.

    I mean, (I've already mentioned this in 'Rate RAW' thread) the way they've started this build-up alone is already better than anything that was happening 'tween Taker and Brock last year during WM season and at the event itself.
  8. This sounds an awful bit how things sounded before the streak ended. The roles have reversed now.
  9. I agree that the build up is good... I just hope to God Brock doesn't lose. I mean it seems like he will but damn... Such a waste.

    I hope the triple threat happens with Rollins instead.
  10. I would have preferred if Undertaker just retired when Lesnar beat him, but now all this time and he decides to take his revenge now? I guess better late than never. I can't care for the match itself, but I suppose the build up will be interesting.
  11. Well yeah, I mean they made the choice, a dumb one if you ask me, to have Brock beat him. Well, let him be the new phenom. Brock should be indestructible until a roman, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, etc finally finds a way to beat him. Why waste it on taker who is leaving after mania 32?
  12. Maybe they couldn't find a proper way of writing Lesnar off TV this time around, so they've decided to bring Taker back. I dunno.

    Nah, the triple threat won't happen. They already announced Taker vs Lesnar for SS last night and I doubt they'll end up changing into a WWE-WHC match.
  13. I wouldn't say that there's "no way in hell" he loses next year. Wrestling ethos say that you go out on your back, and since Undertaker has an old-school mentality and approach to things, I could see him losing his final match, even if it is in Texas (this is all assuming he DOES in fact retire next year. It seems like the perfect ideal sendoff with it being in his home-state of Texas in front of 100,000 screaming fans and all, but nothing is certain just yet.)

    Either way, I don't see there being much chance of Brock losing at Summerslam regardless of what Taker does next year.
  14. Thought: Coincidence that Kane gets his foot "broken" just before Undertaker returns? Brotherly love, no?
  15. Did you hear him say that Brock couldn't kill something that won't die? Maybe Undertaker plans to stay longer than we think?
  16. That's some pretty strong brotherly love given that Kane has tried to murder the Undertaker on at least three separate occasions that I can remember. I was sort of surprised when Undertaker didn't mention anything on Raw about Brock injuring Kane given the timing of his return and Kane's injury seemed a little too eerie and close together to be coincidental. I certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility of Kane returning as "The Big Red Monster" and interfering on his brother's behalf at Summerslam, though.

    Sounds like just the usual Undertaker speak to me. If Undertaker is indeed retiring after next year's Wrestlemania though, it'd be nice to see him work the Survivor Series PPV one final time since that's the event where he made his debut back in 1990 (would make for a nice 25th anniversary since we were first graced with The Deadman's presence, ya know? Although as a small bit of trivia, he actually wrestled a time or two on Superstars before then, but Survivor Series is where they always try and say he made his first-ever appearance.)
  17. I'm quite torn on this one. I think regardless of what happens, Brock should be the one to retire taker for good. Ending the feud at summerslam instead of wrestlemania with Brock going over would feel dirty, but like it was already pointed out, Brock's first loss since ~le big rub~ shouldn't be used to make things go full circle

    Unless, of course, this leads to an even bigger rub. Maybe a Jericho-esque Triple-threat win for a young superstar? (cough, KO)

    Seriously, can anyone imagine Kevin Owens beating Taker AND Brock at wrestlemania? Goddamn, this fantasy-booking makes me woozy
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  18. @Lockard23 - kayfabe family ties have no limits :bischoff:
  19. As much as I would love for this to happen... It's a big order and dream.
  20. Well I mean it's true that anything can happen in WWE, but I just don't see taker jobbing another match, fresh off beating bray this year. He already let the streak go to Brock. So he's proven he loves the company and is willing to go down. But his last match will most likely be seen as his last ride... And I don't see him losing it no mater who he faces.

    Idk how WWE will play this one out at SS. Taker seems like he will win... But I don't see Brock losing lol.
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