Slayer Guitarist pasts away

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Very sad news like you not a rabid fan but I like quite a bit of there stuff and its always a shame when ppl die so young and early in life.
  2. Damn, ive just heard about this. I did enjoy their stuff but i wasnt a big fan. RIP Jeff Hanneman, you will be missed
  3. Damn, this sucks to hear. Never been a big Slayer fan but I remember trashing their songs on Guitar Hero 3 like a boss, lol.

    RIP Jeff Hanneman :sad:
  4. Yeah i used to love playing Raining Blood on Guitar Hero 3, cant remember what other songs they had in Guitar Hero. Damn my inactive brain at the mo XD
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  5. Yeah, just read about this not too long ago. Pretty fucking shocked.
    Truly a legend...

    R.I.P m8.
  6. Slayer is probably my favorite band, so this feels bad man.
  7. A lot of people know Slayer for songs like Raining Blood, Angel of Death and their later albums. But Jeff and the crew have been around since the early 80's, revolutionizing the genre as a whole.
    Probably my MOST important band growing up.

    R.I.P Jeff. The man wrote some of the most haunting and terrifying riffs in Heavy Metal music.

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  8. This is Jeff writing "Spill the Blood" in his basement.

    It would later become one of their most well known songs and an all time classic.

  9. Okay enough with the sappy shit. Going to grab a beer and jam to my Slayer records all night.
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  10. Total number of people that care

    Sucks to hear about it man.
  11. Jeff and Slayer throughout the years.

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  12. One of the first songs I heard by them
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  13. Jeff's arm after the getting bit by a spider last year

  14. I'm going to get a tramp stamp. "I <3 *Slayer logo*"

  15. Make sure it looks good, and make sure it's in a place where if you age it won't mess up much.
  16. Basically going to look like this haha

  17. Really though, this fucking sucks. This is almost as big as Dio passing away for me personally.
    If it wasn't for Slayer I'd probably be a boring little fuck, this music truly changed my life. I probably wouldn't be such a huge weirdo, geek, perv, clown etc without Slayer and Heavy Metal in general.
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