Kayfabe Slump

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  1. *The camera turns on to show a relatively quiet bar. Only a few people are around and classical music plays from a jukebox. You see a burly figure with their head down sitting alone at the bar. Reginald enters the building and instantly recognises the man. He walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder, he gets no response. Reginald sighs.*
    Reginald: Sir... This is unacceptable.
    *Reginald lifts the man’s head up to show that it is Buster Gates, passed out, dribbling from the mouth. He groans.*
    Reginald: Wake up.
    *Reginald shakes him. Buster groans louder and opens his eyes.*
    Buster Gates: Heyyyyy Reg.
    Reginald: Buster, look at me. It’s time to come home.
    Buster Gates: But I’ve just got here.
    *Reginald scans the bar to see the many empty pint glasses.*
    Reginald: I’ve got a feeling that’s not quite true. Also, beer? What has gotten into you.
    Buster Gates: I don’t... These were champagne. Promise!
    *Buster lifts up his little finger, Reginald stares at it. Buster puts his hand back down.*
    Reginald: It’s time to get over your loss.
    Buster Gates: But I don’t wanna...
    Reginald: You have a match this week.
    Buster Gates: But why?
    Reginald: Your team needs you.
    Buster Gates: My team sucks! Not one of them so far has picked up any points. I feel swindled.
    Reginald: This is why they need you to take charge.
    Buster Gates: Is there much point anymore?
    Reginald: You could become a two time champion.
    Buster Gates: I guess... But...
    ???: Hey!
    *A random man stumbles up to the bar, obviously drunk.*
    ???: You aren't a regular here. This is my bar!
    *Buster picks up one of the many empty beer bottles from the bar and cracks it over the mans head. He falls to the floor.*
    Buster Gates: As I was saying...
    Bartender: Woah, get out of here! You can't be doing that to other customers. You're barred!
    Buster Gates: Come on, man! You saw him. He came at me.
    Bartender: I'm calling the police...
    Buster Gates: Whatever...
    *Buster stands up and heads to the door, Reginald follows.*
    Buster Gates: I don't want to do this anymore. My reputation as the top guy is over...
    Reginald: Because you lost one match?
    Buster Gates: ... Yes.
    Reginald: That's ridiculous. You need to pick yourself up and continue your dominance.
    Buster Gates: Who am I up against next?
    Reginald: Mike Thunder.
    Buster Gates: Is he good?
    Reginald: Yeah, he's good.
    Buster Gates: Is he me good?
    Reginald: I don't know about that... Up until Robert Blake you were undefeated. Start over, build up another streak, become Undisputed Champion again and prove once more why you're the best.
    Buster Gates: I'm unmotivated... When you have money, competition isn't an issue and you've already proved yourself... What is there to do? I became Undisputed Champion. I've been there, done that, held it for 3 months. There's nothing left.
    Reginald: ... I'll think of a reason... I don't have one yet, but i'll think of a reason. Just, y'know... Come back and fight Mike Thunder?
    Buster Gates: Fine... I'm doing this for you, Reg. I'm more than happy never going back.
    Reginald: I get it. But you own half the place. You gotta remember that.
    Buster Gates: True... I'll sober up and fight Mikey boy. But again, this is for you.
    Reginald: I'll get you out of this slump sir, you can count on me.
    *The two men arrive at Buster's car. The two enter and Reginald drives away.*
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