Smack down 31/08/2012

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by iRockhan, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Guys, the last episode of smackdown was very good, it felt so fresh to see a new feud building up between Sheamus & Sandow.
    lets hope for such new things more and more in the future..
  2. Hello, iRockhan. Welcome to the forum. How about introducing yourself at "The Ramp" section? :otunga: , and I liked Fridays Smackdown, not a lot of people here did. I'm glad you liked it.
  3. I dont like the way the sheamus and sandow match ended. he shouldnt have run off like a scaredy cat!!
  4. I suppose you have a fair point there Vince. But If I'm correct Sandow has never lost in a singles match. & Sheamus has won something like 16 on a row.

    So neither was going to lose when you look at it in that perspective.
  5. Well that was fine....Sheamus is very powerful than Sandow...he realised it when he entered in the ring with he ran away...neverthless it was good to see a new feud..


    it would have been good if Alberto del rio was involved in the match to save the face of Running Sandow..
  6. I don't think Sheamus and Sandow will feud. I think it was a one-off thing, they may have a mini-feud for now but Sheamus' main feud is with Del Rio currently (or at least it should be, since they're wrestling each other at NoC).
  7. I agree, Sandow needs some good mid card feuds before they push him in the deep end.
  8. Ziggler vs Orton was ridiculous... Orton isn't even involved with the WHC, Ziggler is and loses. :facepalm:
  9. I wonder where is Christian?
  10. Aw yeah, had already forgotten Orton beat Ziggler clean. :annoyed:
  11. don't you think zigglers a talented superstar..... the problem right now is there are many superstars on the roster...Jhon cena, CM punk, Randy Orton, Big Show, Kane, Sheamus, alberto del rio, Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, Christian, kofi kingston, R truth and I FORGOT the UPcoming Stars of FUTURE.. CODY RODES, DANIEL BRAYN, THE MIZ, Damien sandow, ANTONIO CESSARO, RyBack..Heath Slater, Titus O neil and many more...i may have missed..but how is a script writer suppose to think of everyone.. Each superstar mentioned above is Like GOLDEN ASSET TO WWE.. Its High Time now for wwe to think of CODY RODES this guy is awesome on the mic both as heel and face..
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