Spoiler Smack Down January 7th, 2016 results

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    WWE taped the January 7th Smack Down episode from Laredo, Texas.
    Here are the full Smack Down spoilers:​

    Dark Match

    * Fandango defeated Viktor of The Ascension with a backslide.

    WWE Smack Down

    * John Cena kicks off SmackDown and comes out to a big pop. Cena cuts a promo and wants his rematch against WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio because of how their recent RAW match ended. Del Rio refuses Cena’s request and taunts him.

    * Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio in a great non-title match.

    The Miz is out for Miz TV but is interrupted by WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. They talk about Chris Jericho but are interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, then Goldust. R-Truth and Neville also come out. This leads to a match.

    * Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, R-Truth and Neville defeated The New Day and The Miz. Ziggler was the last man standing after the match.

    * Becky Lynch vs. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte with Ric Flair is next. Charlotte retains after an assist from Flair.

    * Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE Intercontinental Title ends in a double count out as they brawl around ringside and to the back.

    Source: PWMania
  2. Seems boring, but I'm gonna watch just to see how Mauro Ranallo did on commentary.
  3. Heard this show was a lot better than it usually is
  4. This is why I skip most television matches. Charlotte and Becky Lynch should have been built up as a big time match between two (former) friends for the Diva's Title, yet they've already given us two matches between them free on television before even their first PPV encounter.

    Cool that Kalisto picked up a win over ADR. Match is even probably worth checking out. That makes two clean wins for Kalisto over guys (Ryback, now Del Rio) who themselves have pinned John Cena himself clean before.
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  5. okay went out and took another for the team and poison-tested SD...

    There's one GLARING negative towards the show, and it's the same one Impact had... Look what was advertised for this. "Smackdown! New channel! New time (I think)! New start! Check out our sweet ads! John Cena's showing up! Two title matches! Big grudge matches, too! The spoilers show Kalisto vs ADR, too! Check it out!"... and what did people actually give a shit about? "Dude, we've gotta check out Smackdown for Mauro Ranallo! Man, Mauro's joining? Yo Jim, do you think Mauro can save SD?" Yep, promote all that stuff in advance and everyone was excited about A COMMENTATOR.

    That says something. Fans. Want. Something. New.

    That's the issue both shows that changed networks this week had, because whatever you thought of them as standalone shows, they offered NOTHING to make you think anything was changing. Smackdown will still be Smackdown (personally I'm OK with that, because being able to say "lolSmackdown" at pointless stuff makes is why I started watching).

    So, how was the new commentary team? Well... better and worse. Mauro called moves! Lots of them! After almost every move he was there to yell what it was which was nice, and meshed really well with Lawler's simple reactions to stuff. The problem was they made the massive downgrade from Booker T's entertaining incoherence to Byron Saxton, who now is on every single WWE show. Why? He's Black Mike Tenay. And to nitpick (since this was likely over the headset) Mauro yelling "This is how much the Intercontinental Championship means to these men!" after a double countout? Nice try, but come on son!

    Line of the Night: "Your name is too hard to pronounce, tell you what: I had an old partner named J.R, can I just call you M.R.?.. I guess Byron that makes you B.S."

    As a show on it's own, this was a quality 7/10 episode that's worth going out of your way to see that the spoilers tell you absolutely nothing about. "WTF 4 MATCHES? Y U DO DIS" because you'd rather have 4 matches with time than 7 5-minute snoozefests, shut it marks.

    Good stuff: First of all, Becky had a backstage interview where she was PISSED about how she was screwed over by her friend during a friendly fight and wanted to kill Charlotte. THANK YOU. Then Charlotte and Becky had the best women's match - at least that I've seen - since the NXT girls were called up. They had a match with some much-needed intensity, as you'd expect Becky to as she's trying to in her first title opportunity against the chick who stabbed her in the back. Not as much as you'd like maybe, but thank you for some freaking effort here! BUT, lets have things PROGRESS from here. WWE struggles with followups sometimes, and after being screwed over by Flair AGAIN, at Royal Rumble Becky needs to find an equalizer. Tease us - or just announce - that someone will be in HER corner to guarantee a fair match. Becky managed by Sting? Sign me up.

    Also good: Owens trolling Renee and her watch :emoji_grin: Probably even better was the main event. The wrestling purist in you will be plenty satsified at a 15 minute Ambrose/Owens match that was a lot better than the triple threat on Super Smackdown, probably their best match yet. They had one of those matches where they started with a few rest holds and relatively smart-all-things-considered brawling on the outside before eventually getting to trading big moves and massive counters until Ambrose slung KO into the crowd and said "Screw this" and went flying off the barricade for the countout, which didn't halt the brawl at all... This was good stuff, and as someone smarter than I pointed out, they still left the door open for a better rematch given how great both guys are + an actual finish.

    Kalisto vs ADR mostly took place during a commercial - go figure - and while the Long Boring 12 Minute Promo was the most pointless pandering shit ever (Maybe I won't miss you John), Cena should stick around as a manager, haha. He really cared about getting the crowd into this and into Kalisto... Sad that the story they told was that ADR was distracted by Cena even though there was no way in hell that should count as a distraction finish lol, but it came across like a big win for the lil' dude. What we saw of the match was actually pretty nice and... Oh my goodness, I got through a whole Smackdown without Del Rio pissing me off once! Yay! (Although they should get him a T-shirt or something lol)

    Bad stuff was just that middle portion between Miz TV (no matter how much I love Miz getting interrupted over and over), but they really are running the R-Truth joke into the ground. One too many times this time, but Goldust munching on Xavier's popcorn was entertaining. Match was filler, Dolph attacking everyone doesn't matter.

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  6. I decided to watch the show today only to see how Ranallo's first day on the job went. Aaand, he was good as I'd hoped he would be.

    The show overall didn't really feel any different, but Ranallo is like a breath of fresh air. No Vince in your ears = Good job at commentating.

    I hope Vince never gets in MR's ears and ruins it for him.

    Lawler heeling it up a bit was refreshing, I must say. Hope they turn him heel and he stays that way for good. Heel Lawler >>> face Lawler!

    Now, all's they gotta do is ditch BS. Booker T, Ranallo and heel King would make for a good SD announcing team.
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  7. Lawler being a heel and MR being the greatest commentator in WWE right now, great show.
  8. Or just Mauro and Lawler, haha
  9. Fine by me.
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