SmackChat: The problem with... Bray Wyatt

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by SmackChat-Luke, Oct 5, 2016.

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    From cult leader to perpetual jobber to the stars. SmackChat takes a look at the problem with Bray Wyatt, and where WWE should go from here.

    Aside from sitting in the most uncomfortable-looking chair known to man, it has been a long time since we saw Bray Wyatt do anything significant in the WWE. Some would say (obviously not an unbiased, professional journalist like myself) that the last significant thing Windham Lawrence Rotunda (yep, I didn’t know his real name either) was appear as a member of The Nexus, enjoying the run of the main roster until John Cena turned full superhero and destroyed their momentum.

    Currently, Wyatt sits in a feud with “The Viper” Randy Orton. In keeping with Wyatt’s bad luck regarding injury, a certain Beast Incarnate decimated Orton’s forehead mere weeks before their planned meeting at Backlash, spoiling a potential match between the two. Since then, we’ve seen several promos cut, yet the feud seems to be lacking the fire we saw when Orton faced off against Lesnar. At the risk of turning a thousand Wyatt fans against me, there’s only one difference between the feuds, and that’s Wyatt.

    In the beginning, Wyatt was a fascinating inclusion to the roster, his rocking chair antics and cult leader gimmick was superb, and the steady inclusion of additional members to the Wyatt family slowly made their threat more palpable for the audience. He was a complex character, who held tonnes of unanswered questions – Who was Sister Abigail? Where did he get all of his shirts from? Why did I need to follow a damn buzzard? – but it all went nowhere!

    It was a damn shame, as Windham Lawrence Rotunda (no, I will not make fun of it) clearly had the wrestling ability and the perfect character to work with. WWE just needed to give him something, anything, to set a light under him and fire him to the main event scene. He just never really got there.

    So, what can be done? There has been speculation for years about just who could possibly join the roster as Sister Abigail, and it’s certainly a storyline which could be carried out well, but before any of that happens the WWE must bring the family back together. There has been a nice string of squash matches put together for Braun Strowman but, let’s face it, he has all the charisma of stale bread, so pulling him back over to RAW would not be detracting from SmackDown’s success. With the family back together WWE can finally tackle the biggest problem the Wyatt family had and still has: We haven’t seen Wyatt leading his cult yet.

    In their feud with The New Day, we caught a glimpse at the potential size of the Wyatt family, as hundreds of “fireflies” lit up and scared the tag team champions away. Unfortunately, we have never seen this lead to anything. WWE pulled the plug on Wyatt’s storyline and slid him into his next feud without as much as a word about his cult. How can you be a cult leader with no cult? It’s like calling yourself a writer when nobody reads your articles… Oh.

    On the other hand, were WWE to decide that creating an enormous cult was too much like hard work/financial mismanagement, they could always force Braun Strowman to go up against his former family members. Using the brand split to properly turn a faction against each other would possibly make up for splitting the Wyatt family in the first place. The idea completely killed Wyatt off, as he didn’t even have a cult to lead any more, so giving him a feud that actually has some emotional depth to it may be the light under his backside I mentioned before.

    Given the correct storyline, Wyatt could propel himself, and his family, into the main event scene. He has the ability, both in and out of the ring, but needs to be trusted to get the job done. He’s slaved away as a jobber – time to give him his shot.
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    Great article there @SmackChat-Luke I really enjoyed it, but I would like to add my input on the matter. I don't feel as much now that Bray Wyatt himself is the problem, I believe that blame should be on the lack of heel superstar depth on the SD Live roster. We have now our current WWE Champion Aj Styles and current IC champion The Miz ,the only other heel singles superstar worth mentioning is Baron Corbin who currently is feuding with "WE THE PEOPLE" Jack Swagger. So with no other top name heels on the roster that leaves Bray Wyatt THE EATER OF WORLDS looking more like Bray Wyatt THE EATER OF PINFALLS AND SUBMISSIONS
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  3. Bray Wyatt is going to always be the scary heel that puts other guy over. He's kind of like Big Show and Kane but without the championship credentials and just went straight to jobber status. It's unfortunate that Braun Strowman is more likely to end up in a main event push at this point
  4. A very well written and truthful piece.

    Bray Wyatt deserves better...what he deserves...I have no idea.
    I'd like to see him play his hillbilly cult games with the Miz...but I
    doubt that will happen any time soon.

    I'd like to see the Wyatt Family back together at full strength and
    destroying everyone...but...again...I doubt that will happen.

    Oh Jesus No...Don't say that...Don't even think it!
  5. Pretty interesting piece indeed and most certainly a subject that could spark a never ending conversation.

    Keeping this short and sweet, the problem with Bray Wyatt in my opinion is...WWE. They have this great character, someone that many have argued (perhaps rightfully so) could be the next Undertaker (no doubt the potential is there), yet WWE have no fucking idea on how to use him. It started of as a very intriguing gimmick when he first emerged into the scene, slowly progressed to something bigger and bigger and typical WWE fashion, it became stale because as in so many other cases, they did not have a greater plan in place for this character.

    Talk is good and there is no doubt Bray cuts amazing promos however, as Cena pointed out the other day on Smackdown, talk is also cheep and there definetely has to come a time where the talk ought to be backed up with actions. In Bray's case, it's been nothing but talk, leading us eventually to the signs in the crowd of "the eater of all pinfalls" which, though perhaps a bit harsh, has a lot of truth into it.

    When was the last time Bray won a really big and important match? Christ, they didn't even give him the win over Kane at the latest PPV. How about the infamous compound battle with New Day? Just when the Wyatt Family as a whole started looking good and even beat New Day at the following PPV (non-title match but still a big win), then came the draft and...oops, fuck that...

    I don't know if it's a face turn that is required in order to really get this guy going or what this Adam guy from WhatCulture suggested in his recent video that we talked about in the other thread or even drafting. Another idea floating out there is having Bo Dallas jump over to Smackdown and join his brother, along with the soon to be returning Luke Harper to sort of revamp the Wyatt Family. One this is for sure, whatever it is, WWE really need to act fast before they totally destroy this character.

    Think about this: likeliest scenario, Orton will get the win at No Mercy over Bray because...politics and Orton probalby has to get his win after the Lesnar matches and the beating he took there. Personally, I'd prefer Bray to go over since he obviously needs it more but I'd say 95% chance is, Orton wins. If that's the case, what's next for Bray Wyatt? Where do you go from here with Bray Wyatt? That right there is the biggest problem with Bray Wyatt...
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  6. The problem is Vince is too high on Randy Orton right now and threw him the wrong guy. Orton is sadly gonna go over .
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  7. The problem is that Bray Wyatt loses every PPV he is apart of and that is not helping him. I mean he lost for Kane, and don't get me wrong Kane is a great wrestler but Bray Wyatt's momentum stopped when he lost to Kane. Bray Wyatt should win this PPV and continue this feud, even though I really want Randy Orton to win, I think the momentum should go to Bray Wyatt
  8. Bray Wyatt hasn't been the same ever since he hit the Cena wall. Shame. He could've been a force to be reckoned with.

    Not just him, but the entire Wyatt Family.
  9. I wonder if this "situation" has anything to do with Bray himself...May-be
    he's happy just to do what the WWE ask him and collect a pay check...

    Or may-be it all depends on WWE signing Broken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero.

    I read that both Bray and Broken Matt are keen to work with each other...
    A feud between the two would at least provide some amazing promos...
    or may-be they could form a stable...The Deletors Of Worlds.
  10. I've honestly always thought he should've been the one to beat taker. Or if Brock did be the first one to beat him, bray does the following year and seals his fate, taking takers soul. Beat is single handedly one of the most talented guys on the roster and is so stepped on. It's sad.

    He should be in main events and feuding for the title right now if you ask me.
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  11. What?
  12. Reports said Vince is heavily favorable still on Randy Orton which is why Wyatt is putting him over like this.
  13. I don't understand how Wyatt can put any one over in a believable sense when alls he does is lose. That is like saying Ziggler is putting someone over :pity:
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  14. Agreed, Wyatt couldn't put Corbin over right now. He loses like 90% of the time.
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  15. But why would you want to put Corbin over in the first place? I've seen statues move faster...
  16. Example. May be a bad one, but makes the point at how bad they've made Wyatt lol
  17. make a valid point...

    God...this thread is so depressing...

    *Reaches for some Prozac*
  18. An underrated part of a good character is the ability to affect the wrestling. If your character doesn't matter after the bell rings, then what's the point?

    Like the Undertaker. He had the entrance and the dark dreary promos and everything else, but he was a supernatural no-selling force back in his early days. On those rare occasions you put that zombie down, he'd just sit right back up.
    Even Broken Matt's weirdness plays out during wrestling matches. Wyatt just has his spidercrawl shit. The Eater of Pinfalls doesn't do anything that matters bell to bell. Or any other time.

    If Ziggler's really leaving on Sunday then Wyatt can have the proud honor of being the one guy on the roster who's beyond repair. Don't see why they bother keeping him around, tbh
    (technically he can be fixed, but it'll take more work than they'll put in)
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  19. *Reaches for more Prozac*
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  20. Saw that rumor for a match with Triple H in the future and kinda got optimistic. Babyface anti-authority delusional swamp creatures wanting to bring down the machine? Sounds pretty damn awesome.
    Maybe that's the problem with Wyatt, he's not that. And maybe they should give it time?

    Or in other words... don't overdose brother! We're here for you! :please:
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