Rumor SmackChat: The problem with... WWE buying out TNA

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by SmackChat-Luke, Sep 30, 2016.

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  1. The Problem With… WWE buying out TNA

    I’m going to call it.

    WWE are going to buy out TNA from Dixie Carter by the end of today (I’m writing this at half past eight GMT). I have a feeling in my balls; not excitement (lord knows that would make a change) but fear. Fear that can only be brought about by one potential storyline. The Invasion, part two!

    Okay, fair enough, that is never happening again – it would be akin to Vince pouring his money into an extreme football league… Shit.

    With Vince’s knack for purchasing rival companies and running them into the ground, however, there is a chance that we won’t be seeing TNA again after this month, so I’d like to take a minute (just sit right there) while we look over the potential disasters which may befall TNA if my crystal ball is working correctly…

    Option 1: TNA becomes a new WWE product


    This is the least likely of the scenarios, if past form is anything to go by. As there is already, at least, eight hours of WWE programming to watch each week, it’s difficult to stomach the thought of even one additional hour on top of this. I fear for my career if another hour appears in October.

    TNA doesn’t have as strong a roster (I think that would be agreed by everyone), so it’s certainly unlikely that, as a new WWE product, it would be placed on the same level as SmackDown or RAW. It may well be that a new, WWE-led (Shiver), version, of TNA would be placed alongside TNA, as a “rival” of sorts.

    I want nothing less in life.

    Option 2: TNA’s talent get transferred over to WWE programming


    Cody Rhodes, Damian Sandow and the rest of the WWE alumni must be thrilled at the thought of TNA being bought out by their old boss. Vinnie Mac and his Smack Attack Shack are hardly held in the highest esteem, so I would assume that McMahon would be losing at least three of TNA’s stars immediately upon buying out their contracts. I personally think it’s a no brainer for WWE to avoid dealing with any superstar contracts as part of the deal (I’ll talk about that in a minute), but if he did, it would be important for them to ensure that any former TNA stars enter the roster correctly.

    Due to WWE’s awful, awful memory regarding TNA (See AJ Styles’ record for an idea of what I mean), it would be no surprise if we see th majority of superstars re-branded and brought in as new characters, which is a shame. Holding the rights to the stories which have already taken place would be a fantastic deal for WWE, but leads to the issue of dealing with stars who were forced to change gimmick when moving to TNA in the first place.

    Option three: WWE archive all previous TNA footage and let the brand die


    This is my safe bet. With the success of the WWE Network, and the effective signing of our souls over to the McMahon empire, it is vital that, if a purchase takes place, WWE capitalises on the archive material they would be in charge of and get it on the network.

    If this doesn’t happen I will write another strongly worded blog post. Vince! You have been warned!

    TNA’s time is over, I think this is pretty clear. Whatever happens, the current format of TNA will die and be reborn somewhere, be it WWE or Corgan or a private business.

    Whatever happens though, it’s a shame to see WWE’s biggest competition go out of business in this way, and leave so many hard working men and women without jobs.

    One thing though, above all else, scares me to death.

    WWE, if you buy TNA, see reason. The fans want it, I want it. Deep down, you want it.

    Broken Matt Hardy. WWE. TLC match. Book it now!
    The Problem With… WWE buying out TNA
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  2. We'll know soon what happens... but this is insane... everyone is all over the place waiting for a response on the situation
  3. The fact that, as majority shareholder, Dixie Carter hasn't said a thing to calm the speculation amongst fans is concerning. Common sense would say to let Vinnie Boy buy them out, but personally I'd quite like to see Corgan turn things around. I don't think he has a chance on his own, but let someone work with him and it's certainly possible.
  4. I'd just like WWE to buy the library, an invasion storyline would be quite bad imo but I would like to see some TNA talent maybe go to NXT or go to WWE's main programming. (Lashley, Moose, Hardy, EC3, Lee, The Wolves etc.) They have good talent, however, I don't think TNA was on that level of popularity that WCW or ECW was so I think an invasion angle would just kinda fall flat imo
  5. TNA never really stood a chance. After the Monday night wars, Vince had a monopoly on the sports entertainment industry. Anyone putting a product directly in competition would have been struggling.

    It's a shame that it sounds like Dixie has been a poor boss in general, it'a a sad reason to see a company go down the pan (I'm aware it's not the only reason but it sure must have contributed)
  6. I feel like TNA had or could've had everything they needed to go against WWE, but yeah, it's a real shame to see them go down the pan. As much as some people seem to hate TNA for whatever reason, it really sucks for the wrestling business as a whole and the people working there.