SmackChat: Who should beat Brock Lesnar clean?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by SmackChat-Luke, Oct 3, 2016.

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    Since long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and my mum still wanted me to call and let her know I was okay, Brock Lesnar has been an absolute beast. Now, I’m not talking beast as in some form of wild animal, oh no. In the context of Brock Lesnar, I mean some form of mythical creature. Hidden under that scarily shiny (seriously, we need to talk to him about that. You first.) you could genuinely envisage a creature with unrivalled strength in the mortal realm, and four arms, and muscles the size of tree trunks.

    Brock Lesnar is a Machamp.


    To defeat Brock Lesnar, it’s going to take someone equally as monstrous. Your regular superstar is not going to cut the mustard. Discount all of your cruiserweights, all of your mid-carders. This is going to take someone big. SmackChat investigates the possible options and decides on an overall favourite to top the beast incarnate.



    This has been rumoured for years now, and with the build-up around WWE 2K17 and Goldberg’s inclusion as a playable character, there could be a possibility of a return, leading to an opportunity to redeem their awful previous match.

    ‘Berg (we’re very close, you see) hasn’t exactly put the breaks on rumours either, allowing fans and interviewers alike to continue speculating – even going as far as to ask crowds if they want to see him return to the ring.

    Now, clearly, Goldberg is aging (It will even happen to you eventually, you young thing), however he still has the stature to pull off one more match. Making up for their poor match at Wrestlemania XX all those years ago should be the only storyline required – two big names in the business putting on the amazing match that should have happened in the first place.

    Kevin Owens


    Now, hear me out. Owens wouldn’t be coming out of this without taking a severe beating, and we know that he would fail to go toe-to-toe in a test of strength against Brock, but his chickenshit heel gimmick could work in his favour. Consistently attempting to get away from Brock could lead KO to act out of desperation, or completely lose his temper after taking a severe beating.

    It wouldn’t be a pretty win, far from it. Then again, if anyone can pulls off a pretty win against Lesnar I’ll down a can of bleach, so it would hardly be taking any glory away from Owens.

    This is the least likely of the three scenarios we talk about today. Even as universal champion, Owens is unfortunately not looking that strong. It could be argued that this is either excellent or poor booking (HINT: It’s the latter), but it makes the current champion look like he’d easily be beaten by Lesnar. I’d like to see Owens prove otherwise.

    Roman Reigns


    I am not Roman Reigns’ biggest fan.

    It’s not his fault really, more the fact that he’s been shoved down the throats of fans as “the guy” for the past year and a half (at least). Had Roman been given the time to develop as a wrestler and a performer with the microphone I’d be much happier to see him as the main face of the company. Unfortunately, this has not been the case and I must state my case again: Turn Roman Reigns heel!

    Minute rant over. Everything after this sentence is said with the understanding that, were Reigns to defeat Brock Lesnar, he should be doing it as a heel.

    A heel Reigns, as we’ve already seen, appears to be a lot more aggressive than his current counterpart – look at the ‘match’ with Rusev that never started. Reigns had an edge we haven’t seen from him in a long, long time. There was no microphone chit-chat, no sarcastic smiling, Reigns just turned up, tore Rusev a new one, and left. We need more of that from Reigns for this angle to ever work. Let Heyman do the talking, he’s amazing at it, for the both of them. If WWE let Heyman power the story for both Lesnar and Reigns, while they both focus on putting on an amazing match, then it could easily be the storyline of the year. Hell, give Reigns a manager to do his talking for him – arguably his best time in WWE has been when he was the strong, silent, wet-haired type. Take him back to this permanently.

    So there you have it, and, in retrospect, none of these look all that likely. Whilst Brock has Paul Heyman by his side (from the looks of Heyman’s new DVD that’s a working relationship that won’t be souring any time soon), he appears to be pretty unstoppable. It’s a strong possibility that only by Paul turning against his current client could Brock be taken out.


    Paul Heyman could be the best guy to take out Brock Lesnar. Now isn’t that a turn-up…
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    Well done sir, I couldn't have did it better myself. I'm going to throw another less likely opponent who I belive can beat Brock Lesnar.(cough cough Undertaker that WM decision was thrash!) If Goldberg who hasn't wrestled full time in years is a contender, then I will up the anti and include this man.
    We'll, I don't know what the fuck that is........ I meant this man!
    Now I know The Rock is like the biggest actor in the world currently, and a return by him anytime soon isn't really foreseeable in the near future.(I know!) If Goldberg can beat the beast and leave ........Why can't the Rock?

    I would say The Rock has evolved(Pun intended) into a beast in his own right, nothing like the brute Brock Lesnar. The Rock Is not only a brute fighter like Brock he is smarter and, more cunning.... So I guess that would make him a Mega Lucario?
  3. Anyone but that turd Goldberg.

    I'd be fine with Romey Rome taking the Beast down. Would also love to see KO or Nakamura do it.
  4. My preference would be Shinsuke Nakamura. His style and grit would make him viable in my mind. He can be pretty brutal on his own. The moment of having him coming to the ring with that beautiful ring entrance would be dramatic enough. Yeah, he's a bit lighter than Lesnar, but he makes up for with grit.

    The downside of Nakamura is the same as the downside with Lesnar: while both can put on fun, brutal matches when they want to... but they also have a tendency to just phone the match in if they simply don't feel like performing. The match could be intense and brutal or it could really suck.

    Neither Seth Rollins nor Dean Ambrose is believable after Lesnar plowed through them both. I don't think Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar can work a story as good as they might be able to work a match. Finn Balor is just not believable at his size. Samoa Joe doesn't gain anything from it. Katsuyori Shibata doesn't work for WWE... but damn I'd like to see that one.

    Other than Nakamura, if Vince chooses to push Cass as the next Diesel type character, I could see him going that direction. Cass is a big and charismatic guy who, while not a versatile wrestler, does some pretty impactful looking moves.

    The other choice, and probably the most obvious one, is Roman Reigns. Reigns may be the most believable person to take Lesnar down. His last match with Lesnar was great, in my view. He put up an awesome fight and if not for Rollins cashing in, would have beat Lesnar clean. So having him beat Lesnar is not only believable, it also wouldn't damage Lesnar's air of invincibility very much. Being beat clean by the one guy who most people seem to think has the best chance of being the one guy to beat you clean is not really that negative of a thing.

    I think the biggest question at this point is: Does Roman really gain anything by beating Lesnar clean? He seems to be the guy we all think is most likely to do it. Even though he did not defeat Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, it was pretty clear that even if he didn't, he could have. WWE has already built Roman up as their main guy and although he does not yet have a Cena Esque aura about him, he is the next closest thing to it. He doesn't really need the validation of beating Lesnar at this point, he's going to be a number one guy despite it.

    Cass, on the other hand, could be made an instant main eventer by accomplishing this. It would be the credibility needed to push him into a title push. So if Vince really wants to do something with Cass (we just speculate, we really don't know), it seems Cass is the most likely opponent who also has the most to gain from it.

    That is not to say that I want it to be Cass, just that I would not be surprised if Vince went that direction. It seems to follow his line of thinking. He is definitely NOT my preference. Personally, I want Nakamura. The most believable would be Reigns. Cass would gain the most from the victory.

    All that being said, I predict it will Roman.
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  5. Lucario > Machamp
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  6. Think they're waiting to see who the actual next top guy will be. It'll be him, and - seeing as how they clearly don't see much in Sami - I don't see who that would be on the current roster
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  7. The real question should be:

    Who cares who beats Bork Laser?

    He's an Overrated, Under Working, Overpaid,
    Suplex Repeating, waste of time and space.

    The sooner the WWE cuts him loose...the better.

    On Topic...Kevin Owens should get a clean
    victory over him defending the Universal title.
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  8. No one. He should finish out his career undeafeted 1 on 1
  9. He isn't really undefeated since returning to the company. Both Cena and HHH had beaten him.
  10. I'm talking about after he broke the Streak. Which is really where his dominance started. Of course they had to make him job to Cena and HHH first
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  11. I know one thing Mr. Bork Laser better not see this one or somebody's taking a trip
  12. Yeah...well...they did have him beat up and cripple a one legged man...
    So I have no doubt he'd punch me so hard I'd exploded into a mist of blood.

    But at least actually going to Suplex City would be more entertaining than
    watching someone else go there...As in you'd be knocked out and wouldn't
    die from boredom.
  13. Below is my response to this matter, back on August 24th, in the "How Brock is going to be beaten" thread. Needless to say, I still stand strong by my answer there:

    "I've already expressed an opinion a couple of times around this interesting topic in some older posts and for the sake of conversation, here's a copy/paste from my Summerslam predictions/thoughts thread in regards to Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton which is actually very related to this discussion:

    "... Either way, Orton is one of the top stars in the business so winning wouldn’t really make that much of a difference, nor would it hurt if him if he loses, so long as he is made to look strong, which I have no doubt they will do. On the other hand, I firmly believe that keeping Lesnar’s undefeated streak intact is all that more precious because this is a moment that should be saved for someone else that will need it more. Defeating Brock Lesnar would undoubtedly be a massive rub and boost for whomever accomplishes it and, at this point, I would even dare compare it to the Undertaker relinquishing his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Yes, I do feel it’s that big of a deal so on that note, again, I would save this moment for someone that will benefit the most out of it. Cesaro? Perhaps a Samoe Joe when he gets called up? You get my point…"

    I think the paragraph above really sums it up. It is very important to understand - and I cannot stretch this enough - that pinning Brock Lesnarclean will be huge, for when the time comes and for whomever has the honors so, once more, you have to think about who will benefit from this. Orton didn't need this rub, Goldberg certainly doesn't need this rub and no old timer in general needs it. This is a moment that will establish a future star and I've personally pitched the idea of Cesaro going back at least three months.

    They do call him the Swiss Supermam and we all are aware of his skills in the ring as well as the massive power he's displayed, having seen some tremendous spots from time to time. At the moment, with Cesaro pretty much doing nothing, in my view he'd be the perfect candidate.

    Roman Reigns? Yeah, ok, I'm sure Vince will be jerking off to the idea and I obviously can't deny him being a solid candidate but I'm not really sure how the crowd would react to it.

    Once again, I feel that at this point and time, Cesaro or Samoe Joe are the two best candidates, if indeed Wrestlemania in Orlando will be the place and time..."

    It's been a little over a month since that post and though not so long ago, I don't think anything has changed in order for me to second guess what I said back then. One could possibly argue that Cesaro nowadays feels a lot less of a candidate but things could change and it's not like Wrestlemania is around the corner or anything. Either way, time will tell...
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  14. Yes...Cesaro pinning Bork would be awesome...
    As much as many fans would like to see it...
    I could never see it happening...not because
    of Cesaro...but I doubt Bork would be willing
    to go through with it.

    Mainly because Cesaro would expose him
    for how truly lazy he truly is.

    "Come on Cesaro...stop moving around
    so much! Just walk over here so I can
    suplex you again!"
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  15. CESARO, PLZ!
  16. It was gonna be Reigns but creative realized it is a better idea for it to be somebody else, Cesaro would become majorly over if he was the one who did it. If Reign's character does change and gets favorable then it should be him.
  17. As long as it isn't a part timer or someone who'll end up a jobber five months/years later I'm cool. With that said my picks are, Roman Reigns, Somoa Joe or Nakamura. Roman is the one to do it most likely and if they turn him heel afterwards that could really get someone else hella over. Joe because...its fucking Somoa Joe, he's been the most dominant force in NXT and if they bring him up with that attitude I could see him being a threat to Lesnar. Nakamura...well it'll be a cool rematch to see:

    But knowing WWE they'd probably say fuck it and have Heath Slater beat Lesnar.
  18. It's going to be reigns, not even a question
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