Spoiler SmackDown 1/15/2015 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight's tapings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana...

    * Jerry Lawler, Byron Saxton and Michael Cole are on commentary. Lawler got a big pop.

    * Byron Saxton interviewed Daniel Bryan in the ring.

    * Daniel Bryan defeated Kane by DQ when Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble hit the ring. Big Show and Seth Rollins went to attack Bryan but he retreated. Roman Reigns came out and stood next to Bryan for a face off with the heels. Triple H came out and announced a six-man main event for later - Bryan, Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Kane, Rollins and Big Show.

    * Damien Sandow, The Miz and Alicia Fox defeated Naomi and The Usos. Sandow got a pop almost as big as Bryan.

    * Paul Heyman comes out. Heyman talks about what happened on RAW but Seth Rollins comes out to confront him. Rollins is heated and wants to cash in on Brock Lesnar tonight but he's not here. Heyman cut an awesome promo and the two teased working together after the Royal Rumble.

    * Natalya defeated Nikki Bella in a non-title match.

    * Bad News Barrett retained over Sin Cara in what was said to be a very fun match.

    * Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Kane, Big Show and Seth Rollins in a really good main event. The babyfaces all got big pops and everyone worked hard. SmackDown ended with the faces celebrating.
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    Doesn't look too awful, tbh. It seems better than what we've been watching lately, definitely.

    - Don't give a single fuck about the new commentary team, it sucks even more now.

    - DBry vs Kane ends in a DQ. Never saw that one coming. lol

    - Sandow is all I care about in that match, he's the sole reason I'll be watching it.

    - Paul E/Rollins segment is a must watch.

    - The divas division match. lol

    - BNB vs Sin Cara was pointless to book in the first place, but good to know BNB retained.

    - The ME should be a good one.
  3. Aye, but seems a tad bit better than last week's dogshit episode.

    Then again, we'll know for sure when we actually see it.
  4. Except for the Heyman promo it seems standard. DQ, turns into tag match, some filler 6 men, divas match, I guess if the idea of HEY THIS GUY PINNED THE MIDCARD CHAMP HE'S #1 CONTENDER interests one at all he'll enjoy Barrett/Cara, but I wouldn't watch this show.
  5. Agreed, it doesn't seem too special or anything, but I assume it is going to better than the last week's episode, which was horrendous.

    Oh, how many times I've said I wouldn't watch SD... But then, like always, turns into 'Aww damn, I'm bored shitless. Gonna watch SmackDown.'
  6. Oh, I remember those days. Life is happier now :dawg:
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  7. Sandow getting almost the same volume of poppage that DB got is pretty much my main reason for watching.. yet the push remains unseen.
  8. The push will come. We just gotta remain patient and optimistic.
  9. lets see how this go's
  10. It's going to be the best SD episode eeeeeeeeeeevvveeeeeeeeeerrr!
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  11. :ksi:
  12. :bischoff:
  13. Totally forgot Smackdown switched to Thursdays starting this week until I was just randomly scrolling channels while being bored when I saw it so I tuned in.. not a bad episode at all. Also I have to add that I like Thursdays better to be honest simply because I like to go out on Fridays.
  14. The episode wasn't too bad, it was actually watchable. I'm kinda shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time.

    - Good openning segment, enjoyed seeing mah boi back for good!

    - Bryan vs Kane was a pretty darn solid match, but then... The unpredictable, never been done before, Authority's DQ Fest came out to play. Oh, well... D-Bry looked as good as ever and that's all that matters.

    - Absolutely loved the entire Heyman/Rollins segment. Wow, both of 'em killed it in those promos! I also love the fact that they teased Heyman/Rollins working together in the near future. Rollins cashing in on the new champ at Mania confirmed... Kewl.

    - Bryan, Ambrose & Reigns vs Rollins, Big Show & Kane was damn good. Bryan looked great and stole the show!

    - Wait, The Usos & Naomi vs The Miz/Mizdow & Alicia Fox again?! Thanks, but no thanks! Although, Naomi's hawt new outfit was by far the best part of that whole segment between The Usos/Naomi vs Miz/Mizdow & AF.
    - The Big Slow's backstage promo was so cheesy.
    - BNB vs Sin Cara was meh. Too short, also. Aaand it was stupid to book it in the first place.

    The 'I don't give a single fuck about this' segment:
    - The divas division match. LOL
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