Spoiler SmackDown 1/2/15 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Dec 31, 2014.

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    * Edge and Christian kick off SmackDown. Edge apologizes for what happened on RAW but Christian says they're here to have fun. They're interrupted on the big screen by Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble getting out of a limousine in the back. The Stooges walk to the ring with a folder from The Authority. It says Seth Rollins and Big Show are not responsible for what happened on RAW. It also says The Authority has sent Mercury and Noble to oversee Edge and Christian tonight. Edge announces Ryback vs. Big Show and Rusev vs. Roman Reigns.

    * Bray Wyatt defeated Erick Rowan in a solid opening match. Wyatt won with Sister Abigail.

    * Wyatt cut a promo after the match and said Dean Ambrose will pay the ultimate price in Monday's Ambulance Match.

    * Ryback vs. Big Show was a surprisingly good match with back and forth action. The Russian flag appears and out comes Rusev with Lana to distract, allowing Show to knock Ryback off the ropes. Show wins via count out. Rusev attacks Ryback after the match but Ryback clotheslines him out of the ring.

    * Tyson Kidd and Cesaro used a new double team move off the ropes to defeat Los Matadores. The crowd was dead for most of the match.

    * Dean Ambrose gets a big pop and comes out to face Curtis Axel. Ambrose attacks before the bell hits and the match doesn't begin. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Axel and cuts a promo on Bray Wyatt. Ambrose walks towards an ambulance but it drives off.

    * The Ascension squashed two local wrestlers.

    * The Usos and R-Truth defeated Stardust, Goldust and Adam Rose.

    * Backstage segment with Edge and Christian drawing on pictures of Stephanie McMahon.

    * Roman Reigns vs. Rusev ended when Big Show came to the ring and Reigns hit him with a Superman punch. The match ends in DQ as Reigns and Show brawl at ringside. Show goes for a spear but Reigns moves and Show flies over the announce table. Reigns turns the announce table over on Show to end SmackDown.
  2. Let the Ascension squashes begin :dawg:
  3. Meh, seems like another typical/10 episode
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  4. Not huge on the Main Event matches for the nights ending in DQ as frequently as they have been lately but hey I guess they are contributing to the storyline between Show & Reigns I suppose so I'm not all that upset.
  5. The Authority's DQ Fest has been going on for months. Not a shocker at all.
  6. I wonder if they will give any explanation as to why Bray Wyatt was fighting Eric Rowan besides them being heel and face.. it just seems weird to me. Then again they haven't given any explanation as to why Harper and Rowan were fighting either... so whatever.

    and I wonder what local wrestlers got squashed by The Ascension... being that this was taped in the city where I live it might be cool to meet the guys they wrestled.
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  7. Yeah, this Wyatt break up has been pretty bad in the sense that guys who were brothers for years are just now fighting and we haven't really been told why.
  8. Why would WWE tell us why? Why explain anything? lol

    Anyways, in an IV a couple of weeks ago, Bray told us The Family isn't over yet... So, let's just look forward to that.
  9. Smackdown gets a 4/10 for lack of storyline creativity. Maybe the matches will be decent.
  10. Yeah, 4/10 at best.

    With only one major championship that is on the flagship show, SD's been rendered irrelevant.
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  11. The one thing I'm most interested in taking away from this episode is to see the new double team move between Kidd & Cesaro.. and that's saying something because I am not a fan of that team at all but hey sometimes all it takes is a couple good matches and an interesting double team move to make me like someone/a team that much more.
  12. Just done watching this episode. It was another typical/10 episode with nothing exciting going on.

    - The openning segment was kinda alright. It didn't drag too long, and there wasn't too much of redundant talking as usual, the focus was on Rollins' actions from Monday night Raw and The Authority being back.
    - Wyatt vs Rowan was decent, but short. It was pointless, also. Why put these two against each other? Unless they're planning to reunite the family somewhere down the road. There were signs of compassion shown by Rowan, he told Bray he was sorry before he got laid out with Sister Abigail. Good promo by Bray afterwards, though.
    - Ryback vs Big Slow was okay.
    - Cesaro & Kidd vs Los Matadores was alright. Nice to see these two winning, before seeing 'em being ruined. Like they aren't already. lol
    - Ambrose's promo.
    - Reigns vs Rusev was decent.

    Negatives + the 'I don't give a single fuck about this' segment:
    - The Usos & R-Truth vs Gold & Stardust & Rose. Fuck that shit, man. I have no interest in seeing The Usos vs Gold & Stardust anymore, at least not when The Usos are winning. It's been done to death.
    - RAW Rebound is still a thing? lol Totally pointless.
    - Let The Ascension squashes begin. Jeez, you couldn't give 'em somebody else from the roster to make 'em look like a legit badass tag team?! Also, I think one of those local wrestlers was Lance Anoa'i, but I could be wrong, though.
    - The ME ending in a DQ Fest. Shocker.

  13. I actually liked the Ascension squash this time around.. those were local wrestlers but actually ones who have a name for themselves or have done something at least with their career, you're right it was Lance aka Reigns & The Usos cousin, but if you dont watch ROH you prlly wouldn't know the other guy too well.. that was Rhett Titus aka the Romantic Touch.. I'm sure someone like @Stopspot would enjoy the fact that he was on this episode of Smackdown and would probably watch the show just for that.
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    I just wish they fed 'em with someone who's relatively known to the audience, someone from the WWE roster, instead of two local wrestlers. But oh well.
    As long as The Ascension gets the titles from The Usos, I'm fine with it.

    Well, I knew that kid looked familiar. Recognized him from this year's House of Hardcore. Plus, all them Samoans kinda look alike, it's weird.

    No, I do watch ROH and I know who Romantic Touch is, I just don't know how the guy looks unmasked, I couldn't be arsed to look into it, tbh. Looks like I know now.
  15. All this salt and vinegar in this thread. Seems like a good episode
  16. It was actually pretty cool. First SmackDown in months and I wasn't disappointed.
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  17. Yeah it actually ended up being a lot better than it sounded.
  18. It was still meh to me. They can do a lot better.

    To each his own, though.
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